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The Undertaker Vs. Masked Kane at WrestleMania 29 in 2013?

Updated on March 25, 2012

Do you want to see Undertaker vs. Kane at WWE WrestleMania 29?

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Will The Brothers Of Destruction clash at WWE WrestleMania 29?


Masked Kane is on a wart path in the WWE right now; can he become the new Phenom?


The Undertaker vs. Kane at WrestleMania 29 in 2013?

Masked Kane returns to WWE on December 12th edition of RAW

The Undertaker himself was missing in action until he returned to face Triple H at WrestleMania 28 in 2012. With his streak in-tact at 20-0, it is now a popular theory as to whom Undertaker will face one year from now at WrestleMania 29 in 2013. Undertaker has been the subject of talks, rumours and “dream match” scenarios since his impromptu absence following a flawless Hell in a Cell match against his long-term enemy, Triple H. One person who has not been missing in action however is Undertaker’s half brother, Kane, who made his triumphant WWE return to the company on the December 12th edition of Monday Night RAW. He since engaged in a brutal match with Randy Orton at WrestleMania 28 in 2012. One detail that stands out about Kane however – the “Big Red Machine” was donning his mask, long hair and brand new attire.

Undertaker vs. Kane at WrestleMania 29 in 2013?

This raises a potential question: With Kane’s sudden return to the WWE so close to WrestleMania 29 in 2013; could his brother, The Undertaker, be close to making his WWE return too and if so, could “The Brothers of Destruction” once again face off in a WrestleMania classic? Let’s look at the facts…

Two spectacles and two Wrestling icons...

The Undertaker is a WrestleMania spectacle. These days, “The Deadman” only seems to come back for big match deals. This has been the case for several years. For two years running, he returned to battle “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels, the second of the two battles resulting in Michaels’ retirement, and his third shocking return match was against Michaels’ best friend, Triple H, which ‘Taker again won.

Many state that this is because of age and injury catching up to Undertaker, but at the same time, the move could simply be purely business. The Undertaker does not have to be on TV each and every week in order to make money, sell tickets and bring up the ratings; he is a spectacle like no other and as such, he is being treated as one and this is a brilliant move by the WWE. The Undertaker is synonymous with WrestleMania.

Return of original Undertaker, return of original Kane: coincidence or hsitory repeating?

Now, it seems like the WWE are trying to do the same thing with Taker’s brother, Kane, and there are many signs that point to this. Firstly, Kane has returned to his original glory and fame by putting on a mask and donning vintage style gear. This was The Undertaker’s return to fame almost a decade ago when he scrapped the “American Badass” gimmick and returned with his “Deadman” gimmick – to face his brother Kane.

Kane has made a sudden return to his old gimmick, and if history is indeed set to repeat, it would make nothing more than perfect sense for Kane to begin hyping a match against The Undertaker, just like The Undertaker did with Kane in 2004 which culminated in “The Brothers of Destruction” clashing at the illustrious and iconic WrestleMania 20 pay per view.

In reality, all of the signs point to it. There have been talks in regards to the Undertaker’s WrestleMania 29 opponent in 2013 throughout the year. Names such as “The Icon” Sting, Bill Goldberg, “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, The Rock, John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Kevin Nash and countless others have been discussed, but if wrestling fans all over the world simply travel the rivers of time back a few years – you will see that all signs point to Undertaker’s WrestleMania 29 opponent being none other than Kane.

Will the brotherly titans clash once again?

With “The Big Red Monster” unleashed on the WWE again following the events of the Decemebr 12th edition of Monday Night RAW, their silence in regards to each other's matches at WrestleMania 28 in 2012, as well as all signs and all events in history pointing to the facts, will The Undertaker and Kane wrestle once again at WWE WrestleMania 29 in 2013?

What does the future hold for "The Big Red Machine" in 2012?

Do you think Kane will dominate the WWE in 2012 and become world champion?

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    • profile image

      charlonefox 5 years ago

      I marked out when Masked kane returned.

      If someone can challenge the streak, It's now Kane.

    • poet83 profile image

      Brian Lawson 5 years ago from Windsor, Va.

      The return of masked Kane is one of the most awesome things I've seen on WWE this year. I'm stoked to see what happens with him no matter what it is!

    • profile image

      hh 5 years ago

      kane vs undertaker one more time

    • profile image

      john peeler 5 years ago

      i really want to see masked kane vs undertaker at wrestlemania 28 one last time too.

    • profile image

      christopher 5 years ago

      undertaker will definatly win i think he will do anything to keep that glorious streak alive

    • profile image

      swagata 5 years ago

      who cares how the streak will will be internal(undeafeated if deafeated)

    • profile image

      مشاري عقاب 5 years ago

      ???????? ?? ???

    • profile image

      john peeler 5 years ago

      i want to see undertaker vs kane at wrestlemania 28

    • profile image

      batu 5 years ago

      undertaker wrestrmania'da chris jericho ile maç yapabilir.

    • profile image

      gustavo 5 years ago

      masked kane is the best i want you to do the fight of the masked kane vs undertaked

    • profile image

      jay roerts 5 years ago

      i think masked kane is under taker due to fthe fact the under taker has a tattoo on his arm and kane covers that arm and i 3to 4 months yor hair can't get that long

    • profile image

      The white devil 5 years ago

      kane vs taker whould be great but i whould rather see somebody else like stone cold or HBK again

    • profile image

      kan vs undertaker 5 years ago

      daca va avea loc acest meci la wr 28 va fi cel mai mare meci din istorie dar sa fie unul de gen inferno sau casket specialitatea celor 2.oricum cu manevrele lor la fel adica tomstone chockslam last ride nu ii pot opri.trebuie ceva mai mult.poate manevrele de submission la kane sufocarea sau undertaker cu gogoplata.oricum un meci intre cei doi este si va fi intotdeauna cel mai mare meci din istorie

    • profile image

      broski 5 years ago

      i will defeat undertaker and kane at wrestlemania 28

    • profile image

      Justin1453 5 years ago

      Jay. Masked Kane is not Undertaker. Undertaker is Undertaker and Kane is Kane.

    • profile image

      john 5 years ago

      i like unertaker returned

    • profile image

      Ray 5 years ago

      Brothers of destruction vs tag team champs.

    • profile image

      yashwanth 5 years ago

      i want tosee undertaker vs maskedkane

      vs kane a thripletreatmatch at

      wrestlemania28 2012

    • profile image

      shane 5 years ago

      i want to see undertaker vs masked kane vs tripleh in a tripletreatmatch at wrestlemania

    • profile image

      hellawaitsthee 5 years ago

      If Masked Kane vs Undertaker were to happen, Kane would have to break the Wrestlemania promo by getting rid of Triple H. In a sense, I can see this work. When Taker said, "Give me what I want, vengeance" in the This Is Not Over promo, he would be pissed that his own brother took the only opportunity of having his vengeance away from him. From there, it can turn into a beautiful build up to Wrestlemania 28. However I doubt it will happen because the WWE fans apparently want to relive Wrestlemania 27, only to see Triple H end the streak.

    • profile image

      Karthik 5 years ago

      Undertaker vs triple h this year and undertaker will win and next year cena will end the streak....

    • profile image

      negi praveen 5 years ago

      undertaker is best then kane

    • profile image

      sin_cara 5 years ago

      osea genial¡¡¡

    • profile image

      JTG 5 years ago


    • profile image

      kerry 5 years ago

      john you are crazy taking sacks girl

    • profile image

      Imran 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Bold 5 years ago


    • profile image

      zaa 5 years ago

      kane ile undertaker wrestlemania 28 de kar??la?malar? harika olabilir. undertaker 2004 de wrestlemania ya döndü?ünde herkez ona destek vermi?ti bence wrestlemania 28 de de herkez kane ye destek vermeli.

    • profile image

      jason baker 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Under dog 5 years ago

      Kane vs undertaker should Be a hell in the cell but it would be very cool to see if Kane could defeat undertaker which he won't because undertaker never lost in his career but it still would be awesome

    • profile image

      Jaydeep 5 years ago

      Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar in Wrestlemania 29

    • profile image

      the guy 5 years ago

      I wan't to see him again to the ring one on one the undertaker and kane

    • profile image

      Capital C 5 years ago

      No one will end the streak,the WWE wanted this streak to be a brand.This was Undertaker's last match at wrestlemania,Hence they wanted the streak to be an EVEN number 20-0 not 19-0.Why would undertake keep fighting the same wrestler,he fought HHH for the 3rd in Wrestlemania and again you think Kane can get the job done if he previously failed to do so with two matches against Taker in wrestlemania.Let's hope WWE would have a better wrestlemania next year as far as we see Cena has turned into villain since this Rock feud,Nonetheless other superstars are not as impressive as we want 'em to be.Maybe Lesnar was the right move for WWE but then again in my own perspective the next coming wrestlemania's will feature former huge starts as an incentive to the wrestlemania,Cunning mnnn?

    • profile image

      kalpesh .p. 5 years ago

      i like taker style

    • profile image

      Nithish kumar 5 years ago

      Untaker tptj

    • profile image

      TQ1202 5 years ago

      Undertaker Vs Kane W/Daniel Bryan At WrestleMania 29 In New York Taker 21-0

    • profile image

      The Phenom Saif 5 years ago

      First thing is that The Undertaker will be retire after WrestleMania 28.

      Second thing is that look at The Undertaker and look at Kane.Kane is a bogus wrestler now.The Phenom The Undertaker is 20-0 undefeated at WrestleManias wheareas,Kane is a looser.Kane lost at Elimination Chamber "Ambulance Match" against John Cena,and then Kane lost again at Extreme Rules "Falls Count Anywhere Match" against Randy Ortan.Kane is always a looser whether he's masked or unmasked,wearing a mask and a wig doesn't increases your physical power.The Undertaker and Triple H are of same level.I am glad that The Undertaker chose Triple H as his last opponent at WrestleMania 28.

    • profile image

      LILSHEAMUS 5 years ago

      Kane vs Undertaker WM 29 Special Guest Referre:Sheamus AKA The Great White

    • profile image

      florijon 4 years ago

      i hate you undertaker kane gone defeat you

    • profile image

      The Phenom Saif 4 years ago

      I lost my all respect for Kane after he & AJ kissed on Monday Night Raw SuperShow.

      Kane will remain always a jobber whether he's masked or unmasked.

    • profile image

      the phnom undertaker 4 years ago

      undertaker return zu der 1000 ep von raw wen sie in wm 29 kämpfen dan bin ich natürlich für taker weil er cooler ist aber warum hat er nur wegen sein zorn seine haare ab gerissen mit ein rassir klinge ich fand er sah mich längere haare besser aus aber mir ist es egal undertaker und kane ist das best team ever und find das the rock cooler ist als kane aber taker uns der maskierter kane passen zusammen als team beide monster beide brüder

    • profile image

      chris 4 years ago

      Love you undertacker win

    • profile image

      snoop netherlands 4 years ago

      UnderTkae is the best then jon cena than randy orton shamus undertaker the godfather of wwe

    • profile image

      undertaker besten 4 years ago

      undertaker soll kämpfen gegen kane kane ist doch schon tag team chapion warum soll er jetzt noch weltchapion sein team hell no kane und byran und es wer cool passiert e nicht undertaker vs kane nach meisten gerüchten wird es brock oder rock oder golberg oder cena sein aber niemand weiss noch nich was am zukumft passiren wird alles wird 100 prozent in royalrummble bis wrestlemania 2013 in ny und nj geglert

    • profile image

      Chiara 2 years ago

      And just remember if your paiylng Dark Souls try to wrap your controller in foam padding first and also make sure you don't hit anything with it when it goes flying across the room! Number one game in my book, but great list!!!!

    • profile image

      laddi 22 months ago

      Undertaker is back

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