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The Uses of Circuit Training

Updated on March 24, 2013

Endurance and strength may be enhanced with a rapid series of cardiovascular exercises and a selection of resistance workouts when it comes to sports fitness training. For fitness freaks with not much time at hand a few short sessions every week are a good and efficient method to build and maintain general fitness.

Basic strength training must be followed by athletes for a short period of time before they begin a sports specific training program. It helps the body get ready for extra work in the future and must be followed in the closed season or during the preparation period.

All competent athletes need a particular period of fundamental strength training that helps them rectify muscle imbalances that cannot be avoided during a competitive sport performance. Circuit training is ideal because of a wide variety of exercises available to athletes to choose from to strength a group of muscles to the maximum. The breaks between the exercises play a vital role in the training period and bring down the intensity of the training which is important.

For successful performance in athletic events athletes need superior muscular endurance. Circuit training programs aim at meeting explicit needs of these athletes. The rest breaks in between help attain cardiovascular fitness and muscle groups are developed by reducing workouts. Circuit training will differ for athletes associated with soccer (when compared to circuit training required by a marathon runner.

High intensity workouts in recurring sessions are required by sportsmen playing field hockey and soccer. Specific strength endurance can be achieved for these sports with circuit training with breaks of thirty seconds to sixty seconds at the end of each exercise. Exercises emulating the movements found in the specific sport should be the ideal exercise incorporated in the circuit which should be lesser than those in other common fitness circuits.

Running, cycling and rowing that require continuous endurance will require a different strength training exercise regime that must be finished in a series the breaks are less similar to those followed in classical circuit training. The use of light weights enables longer durations of workouts. The breaks taken are slowly eliminated thus completing each session in succession.

Though circuit training enhances strength in amateurs it does not help athletes as much in enhancing aerobic power as aerobic endurance training. It can only complement endurance training but not replace it. There is a choice of over thousand circuit training regimes to choose from to build a good fitness regime.

Most exercises do not need costly equipment and a mat and a few dumbbells are more than enough. This helps build a number of programs including those that are sports specific.

Choosing of exercises is based on the principal of sports specific training. Exercises in circuit training must aim at improving muscle movement during performances. Circuit training in gymnasiums enhances muscular endurance that may not be related to any specific sport.


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