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The Value or Importance of Shooting in Basketball

Updated on May 7, 2013

In a basketball team there are different positions that need to be filled. These players may have some roles to play and equipped with variety of skills and specializations.

Some are good penetrators, defenders, passer, blockers, rebounders and of course shooters.

A team must be teeming with consistent shooters in order to be competitive.


Here are some reasons why impeccable shooting is essential to a team:

  • Outside sniping will loosen up the defense put by the opposing team especially the zone defense. The defenders that clog the middle and makes life difficult for penetrators are forced to guard the shooters which lurks at a farther range and as a result precious space are given up by the defenders and this favors the penetrators and guards who are excellent in handing out assists to low post or cutting players.
  • Hot shooting will hand you momentum.
  • Shooting will you points in the quickest time possible and this is important when your team is trailing in a game.
  • A player who is an outside-inside threat or good in both attacking the basket and shoots well from the outside is difficult to guard. Players who are good in penetrating and shooting includes Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Kevin Durant, John Stockton, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan, Russell Westbrook and the list goes on.
  • Good field-goal shooting will certainly help your centers and forwards to conserve energy because they need not grab rebounds often.
  • Good shooters usually have exceptional field goals made whether from the perimeter or beyond the three-point arc. Good shooters are also great during clutch time or in drilling in points from the free-throw line during nerve-wrecking situations.

Here you have it… Thanks a lot for dropping by and reading this article.

My fourth article in the April-May 2013 HubChallenge.


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