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The Wait- Bowhunting

Updated on January 24, 2018
My latest bow buck
My latest bow buck

The Worst Time of the Year


The moment as hunters we realize that both gun and bowhunting seasons are over here in the Midwest. Now, as you get to learn more about me, you will realize I am more into bowhunting but I do take part in gun season because that is when our camp all gets together and has a great time (Yes- that does include many drinks). But, we are all to that point where we are looking for reasons to get excited for next season. We all try to reminisce on the memories created during this past season and hope that we get left over adrenaline from story telling that will last until last fall. Sadly, that usually doesn't work.

There are many ways to stay excited during the offseason when it comes to hunting. Whether it is just sitting in the stand and filming the action or by visiting your local shop and testing out new guns or bows. For instance, I just purchased my first bow in 6 years where I switched from Hoyt to Matthews. Now, I had no problem with Hoyt and actually loved it, but I found more comfort in Matthews latest. So, Im writing this article to help shed time before next fall and to maybe shed light on some ideas to pass the time as we wait.. And wait......And wait.

Ways to Pass the Time

Now, I am going to list some alternatives to story telling and sitting on the couch that will help pass the time.

Alternative 1: Sitting in your stands and filming the action.

This is one of my favorite things to do in my downtime, especially right after seasons over where mature bucks still have their horns. I purchased a decent 4k camera at Best Buy so I had the ability to zoom pretty far and keep good quality. By doing this, you still are scouting by figuring out what bucks made it through the season along with figuring out their patterns. Also, I find it just relaxing to be in the woods, surveying the wildlife throughout the course of the Winter.

Alternative 2: Hunting Other Animals

I find it very easy to pass the time while helping out your deer heard as I am a firm believe in QDMA. I spend a lot of my weekends hunting coyotes as they are predators to the young deer heard throughout the vigorous Winter. By trimming the pack every offseason, it will allow your heard numbers to grow. So, for me, I consider this a Win-Win. By the way, I am not making this post to hear all the whiners about how they are all animals and don't deserve to die. If you have comments that are like that, get the hell out of here. There are other animals you can hunt during the offseason as well as waterfowl, rabbits, squirrels, and more. Last year, I went on a Elk Hunt in Utah with my father and uncle and had an experience of a lifetime. So, if you are searching for that adrenaline rush again, maybe try to book a trip to hunt a different animal in the offseason. You won't regret it.

Alternative 3: Shed hunting

This can be very tedious at times for one reason; It is actually hard to shed hunt. Now, I don't shed hunt with dogs like some do which could make this tremendously easier. But, it is a good excuse to get out and walk the land and enjoy the scenery while possibly finding some cool racks along the way. You can use the sheds to make decorations or sell them to somebody who has a use for them. I tend to carry a 12 pack or whatever depending on how many people are with me so we can make an interesting trip out of it. Usually ending in drunk (Haha).

Alternative 4: Its always easy to pass the time by getting all the buds together and drinking it away

This one is simple. Grab a couple dirty 30s and drink them. I find it easier to pass time when Im having fun and I can't tell you anyone in my home state of Wisconsin who doesn't agree. So, go get wasted and enhance your story telling skills.

An experience of a lifetime
An experience of a lifetime
Just a cool pic I thought you would enjoy.
Just a cool pic I thought you would enjoy.

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