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Let's Talk Undies: The Wonderful World Of Thermal Underwear

Updated on February 21, 2011
Winter is a beautiful time to be outdoors, and thermal underwear can make it a lot more comfortable
Winter is a beautiful time to be outdoors, and thermal underwear can make it a lot more comfortable | Source

More To Thermal Underwear Than Meets The Eye

Underwear is often the subject of jokes, and most people find it hard to take detailed information about it seriously. Really, your undies get a pretty lousy deal in life. They are expected to work under demanding conditions and nobody ever stops to say thanks. But is that all there is to underwear? Maybe if you live in a climate where the temperature drops to below the comfort level, then you might want to think about investing in some thermals.

Thermal underwear is just that – underwear that offers thermal protection. Its not a bad idea when you think about it. Wearing big baggy coats and jumpers allows a lot of heat to make its way quite a long distance from the source (your skin) before it is trapped and reflected, meaning a lot gets unnecessarily lost. Thermal underwear is incredibly effective at keeping you warm because it traps warmth in a thin layer of fabric very close to your body.

Does the idea of wearing long legged and sleeved undies sound a bit uncool for you? If you think so, then consider that commandos, professional athletes and other elite adventurers all rely heavily on this great type of garment to perform at their best under all conditions.

Here are just some of the common applications for thermal underwear:

  1. Outdoor sports and recreation. It could be hiking, camping, or canoeing. Staying warm is never unfashionable.
  2. Keep a set in your trunk when on long car trips in winter. This could save your life if your car dies in the middle of no where.
  3. Do you work in a cold environment? Maybe your boss is too tight fisted to turn up the heating system, or maybe you work in a warehouse. Nobody works well if they are shivering, and modern thermals are discrete enough to be worn under any type of clothing.
  4. If your heating bill is out of control, dressing more warmly can make a real difference. Thermal underwear can be just the thing to wear under PJ’s or your slacks.

Of course the great thing about wearing a good insulating layer UNDER your clothing is that you can do without bulky jackets and the like. If you are moving about this means you won’t be getting caught on things, and you will find you can wear more flattering and lighter clothes further into winter. Remember that thermal socks and thermal gloves can be a good companion for when it gets really bitingly cold.

Thermal underwear comes in many different materials, the most common being cotton, synthetic fiber, and wool. You might be surprised to learn that, even with modern engineering, pure wool still outperforms everything else by a mile. Wool is naturally antibacterial, lightweight, and most importantly, still performs reasonably well when wet.

Thermals are a great investment this winter, and don’t forget they make an affordable and useful Christmas present as well!


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    • purpletiger profile image

      purpletiger 7 years ago

      Thats it! If someone thinks they look too daggy, they have just never been cold enough!

    • m1tchm profile image

      m1tchm 7 years ago

      No matter how they look, I have always loved them. Great read, thanks!