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The Zamboni history

Updated on August 13, 2014
The first Zamboni....ever.
The first Zamboni....ever. | Source

One thing that all hockey players are thankful about is certainly the invention of the zamboni. If it wasn't for Frank J. Zamboni, skating on ice wouldn't feel as smooth as we know.

It all started in the 40's when Frank Zamboni decided to improve the ice resurfacing methods that were used at that time. The method consisted of shaving, applying snow and pouring water. So he started building prototypes of different machines that could do the same job. During the years 1950 to 1954, he built 15 prototypes each an upgrade version of the previous (All great inventions come with hard work and labor don't they). Frank J. Zamboni final result was something that looked like this picture. It's not the best looking thing but it eventually evolved to come to look like the ones we see today. Frank J. Zamboni was born on January 16th and passed away in July of 1988.

Video of the first Zamboni made

Beware of the Gillette Fusion razor!
Beware of the Gillette Fusion razor! | Source
...Now where can I plug this thing
...Now where can I plug this thing

Now let's pimp my zamboni!

Nowadays, the zamboni can take different shapes and most of the time it's painted with the colors of the team. Some can be quite beautiful.

We all know that companies are looking for all sorts of ways to promote their products and recently, they found the Zamboni! Razor companies like Gillette used it and put a big razor in the back of the zamboni. The final result was quite amazing because it looked like the razor was giving the ice a smooth shave.

Schick also did the same thing to promote their razor but the razor was painted on the zamboni instead of having a big one on the back. Hydro-Quebec also have a zamboni with a huge power plug in the front of the one the Montreal Canadiens use at the Bell Centre and the final result is great. I just can't wait to see what kind of promotional stuff condom companies would do to the zamboni!

There goes a Penguin!
There goes a Penguin!

Like all mechanical objects, things can go wrong sometimes. During the intermission of a game of the Pittsburgh Penguins, there was a mechanical failure and a big amount of oil ended up on the ice. It seriously damaged the ice but it was hilarious because it made a big red trail on the ice and people laughed about it stating it had ran over a penguin! (The police then said that no penguin was harmed during the process.) One other time a zamboni caught on fire while it was resurfacing the ice. Fortunately, nobody was injured during the accident. Nevertheless, these events did not slow down the zamboni production. Since the creation of the company, over 8500 zambonies were sold all over the world and this number will keep on going up.

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