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The art of Golfing

Updated on September 15, 2015


Golf refers to a ball and club sport in which the players use the club to strike the ball into various holes in as few strikes as possible. Golfing does not necessarily requires standard playing area. Uneven terrains in between the field are permissible. The game is conventionally played on a progression of nine holes. It may also be played in a series of eighteen holes. It is usually a requirement that each hole in the course contains a tee box from where a player can start from. Often, the putting green contains the actual holes. The main objective of the game is to compete by playing the ball from the teeing ground and ensure it falls into the ball in green hole, with the most minimum strokes. In this game there are usually two types of play. One type of the game is often dictated by the number of holes including the holes missed (lost). The other type of play is the one that is usually decided by the number of strikes used to complete the round also known as the stroke play.


In the game, etiquettes are meant to convey safety, fairness, priority, including courtesy on the course of the game and a player contribution towards the care of the game. No penalties will be levied for breaching the Etiquette, but in general, the players follows these rules in order to improve everyone’s playing experience. For example, the following might serve to identify some golfing etiquettes: For example during the game, one is not supposed to move or talk or stand close to a striking player, he/she should replace the flag stick carefully, a player is not supposed to drop the flag on the putting green area and so on.

Teeing off

During the course of the game, a player is required to tee off between the tee-markers and not to the front of the markers. A stroke outside the markings may not necessarily result into a penalty, but rather a replay. It is also required that a player plays the ball as it is without changing its position. One is also not required to bend or break anything that is fixed unless one is taking a stance or may taking a swing for a strike. The ball is also required to be fairly struck and not anything related to pushing.

Ball in motion rule

While playing, in an event where the ball is struck by the player and is deflected, or even stopped by the player, his/her caddie, or even the partner, the player is liable to a one-penalty stroke. The ball should be played as it is. In an event where the player strikes the ball and it is stopped by someone else, the player plays the ball as it is without penalty except when in a match play where the opponent of his/her caddie deflects the ball the players has the option of replaying. Consequently, a deflection from the putting green is also liable for a replay. In case the ball is deflected by another ball at rest during the match, the player incurs no penalty but the ball is played in its current position. However in the stroke play, the player is liable to a two stroke play.

Ball unplayable

During the match there are times when the player feels that the ball is unplayable outside the water hazard (water body) he/she may either under one stroke, drop the ball two club-length from where it lies or drop it any distance behind where the ball lays. The player may also consider a third option that entails replaying the shot.


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    • Allpeaks profile imageAUTHOR

      Austine Misula AllPeaksAuthors 

      3 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Thank you.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Nice summary. Keep up the good work. Shared.


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