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The best sleds and snow tubes

Updated on January 29, 2014

Fat Tire Snow Tube

Remember when getting a snow tube was fun… for about 20 minutes and then the tube popped or sprung a slow leak? Well, those days are over. There is now a snow tube that is made tough and rugged so that it will last for years.

The best one on the market that I've purchased is the Fat Tire Snow Tube. When filled with air, it measures 42" around and about 13" thick. The cover is thick nylon material and the bottom is very thick material that slides really well on packed snow.

It has foam handles and a 4ft long leash to pull the kids around the yard or back up the hill. It is almost guaranteed to be the sensation of your local snow hill. Everyone will ask where you got your cool Fat Tire Snow Tube.

This is currently my kids favorite snow tube and we have three in different colors, Red, and two Blue.


Red Sled - circa 1980's

From my glory days as a boy with a giant sliding hill that was only two blocks from my house! These were the fastest sleds on the hill. Not only were they fast but they were maneuverable. You would sit with your feet extended toward the front and steer with your hands on each side of the sled.

These sleds were relatively inexpensive but they would crack and break apart after a few years. But then mom and dad always bought another for Christmas.

The model from the 1980's is gone sadly, however there are few that look similar to this model and they are available at any big box store (Walmart, Meijer, Menards). Paricon Winter Lightning Sled is quite near the 1980's icon.

Flexible Flyer Sled

The Flexible Flyer wasn't the most popular sled on our hill when we were growing up, but when an old man brought one to the hill, he was undoubtable the fastest sledder on the hill! I seem to remember quite a few of them left at the bottom of the hill in a mangled heap. Obviously the owner had crashed and destroyed it and left it.

They are a little tricky to steer, especially if they the bolts that hold the steering mechanism are loose. If the steering blades at the front are tight, then this is a fast ride not recommended for young children. Again, these can be picked up at most stores in the northern climates.


What is your favorite sled or snow tube?

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The saucer or round sleds have been around forever. They are now available in plastic and metal. Some are now made of very thick plastic. These were made even more famous in the movie "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" with Chevy Chase.

The plastic saucers have a tendency to crack if they are used heavily. However, younger kids tend to like them because they simply cross their legs and hold on to the side handles and spin and twirl uncontrollably as they slid down the hill.

Of course, these inexpensive sleds can be purchased at just about any store.

Snow jump!

Tube Pro Double Rider

The Tube Pro Double Rider is awesome. It's over 8ft in length and offers the opportunity to scream with someone special as you go down the hill. It is heavy and I have only used one at a snow park. They can be purchased direct from the manufacture in Canada.

We were vacationing in Vermont when we used the Double Rider. We actually connected three of these together into a long train as we went down the hill. Super fun and really fast with that much weight and momentum.

These are manufactured for the commercial market so you will get a very sturdy and durable product. The only downside is that they are quite expensive.




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