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The best time to lure fish for northern pike

Updated on January 19, 2012

Out of all the different methods of catching northern pike the most exciting, and arguably the best is lure fishing for them. Lure fishing for monster pike is fun, exciting, active and a pure adrenaline rush, however lure fishing is not always the best method to catch pike and there are times when dead baiting or live baiting will catch you a fish.

Pike are territorial and will actively defend their space. When you use lures to catch pike there are two different scenarios. In the first scenario you are not actually enticing the pike to feed but enticing it to defend its territory by attacking the lure and getting hooked in the process. In the second scenario, you are trying to get the pike to think the lure is a small prey fish and chase it to try and devour it.

Pike have specific behavioural patterns you need to be aware of. In the summer months, when the water temperatures are high the pike will be active and full of energy. During these times the pike will chase small prey fish and will be more mobile, instead of hiding up in a weed bed or in a patch of lilies. In the winter months, when the water temperatures are low, the pike will be more sedate and lethargic. During these times the pike will conserve energy and hide up in weed beds, or under submerged debris and wait for the prey fish to swim by so they can be ambushed. In the winter months the pike will not chase prey fish, so if the pike can’t ambush the prey fish they will become scavengers and try to find sick, injured and dead fish that are easy pickings.

When you consider the behavioural patterns of the pike it is easy to see that the best time of year to lure fish for monster pike is in the summer months, when the water temperatures are high as this will yield more success. If you lure fish in the winter months there is a chance of catching a pike, but you are going to have to pull the lure right past its nose as there is no way the pike is going to give chase. The chances of catching a pike on a lure in the winter is much lower than in the summer.

So, if you want to know how to lure fish for monster pike make sure you do it when water temperatures are high. When the water temperature drops it is best to put the spinning rod and the lures away and turn to dead baiting and live baiting methods to hook those pike.


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      aaron woods 5 years ago

      Great info thanks