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The curious numbers of the London Olympic Games

Updated on May 14, 2013

London has started its countdown to the start of the Olympic Games. Until next August 12 athletes of 205 countries will compete, which means that only in athletics, more than 10,000 athletes participate, including the Paralympics. This time the fans of baseball and Softball will not be able to follow their selections as these modalities have been excluded from the competition. However, 38 disciplines will be competed and the organization has put up for sale nearly 8 million entries, which are priced from 20 pounds, the easiest to 1500 pounds (more than $2000).

Talking about the Olympic Games mascots, called Wenlock and Mandeville, are two twin steel drops born of the last joist used to build the Olympic Stadium today. Its name come from two English cities closely related to the Olympic history.

Athletes will have to concentrate during their hours of training and competition. But they also have free time to the Leisure and ... for sex. A well-known condoms brand has distributed 150,000 units in the Olympic Village (in Barcelona '92 10,000 were distributed). But the Olympics not only move athletes, but also will be a great place for celebrities to show up. Queen Elizabeth II will use the inaugural gala to bestow the knighthood of the British Empire to actor Daniel Craig.

The numbers related to the meal are also impressive. Evidenced by the fact that McDonald's, the official restaurant games, has built its largest restaurant in London in the world with capacity for 1,500 people. Converted into numbers, this means they will serve 1,200 customers per hour and for the Olympic Games around 50,000 Big Macs and 100,000 rations of chips. A famous hotel in the British capital has made a study who notes that during the Olympic period they will serve 14,000 breakfasts and 12,000 cafes.

Ecology will also be important in these Olympic Games, 2,000 salamanders have been transferred from Olympic Park to a natural reserve to preserve their ecosystem and four thousand trees have been planted. The city will also increment public transport and 800,000 people are expected to use the metro and bus.

The London Olympics will be able to see for the first time in 3D and also in HD. The audience of the broadcasts are very high and, in fact, it is expected that 4 billion people around the world see the opening ceremony on Saturday.

And though the games have not started yet, some people are already thinking how they can do business after the Olympics. For example, a website has put up for sale all the furniture that decorates the athletes apartments in the Olympic Village. It will sell beds, lamps, cushions, mattresses and hammocks. In total, 1 million products, which can be purchased but these products will be delivered in September, once they have ended the Paralympics.


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    • MikeSyrSutton profile image

      MikeSyrSutton 5 years ago from An uncharted galaxy

      Great hub! I thought former ecexutive romney's comments were timely and inspiring today.