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Improving Disc golf approach shots

Updated on February 7, 2018

Disc golf book

Great disc golf book available to lead you through disc golf from a newbie to a veteran. How to play and how to play better.

disc golf approach shots

Not everyone will agree, but if you want to lower your scores, the approach shots are the most important shots in disc golf. The best way to take strokes off off of your game, is to improve your putting and approach shots. As in ball golf, they don't get the focus that the drive does, everyone loves to throw a drive 500 feet, and 50 foot putts are always exciting. If you can throw a drive 250 feet, and then park your approach under the basket, for a drop in putt, it a sure thing that you will have better scores.

Many courses also require touch to many approach shots to get close to the basket. Learning to throw a mid-range disc around an object and make it land close enough to putt the disc in will lower your scores dramatically. Most of the holes that you will play in disc golf will be shorter than 500 feet, putting the disc close on the second shot is the key to pars and birdies.

Disc Golf News

Check out Disc Golf News for all the news about disc golf every day.

2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins says

2009 World Champion Avery Jenkins can throw a flying disc twice as far as most of us, he knows what he's talking about. Avery says "One of the most defined skills of any pro player is the ability to throw accurate and precise approach shots in any situation." Avery also said, " The ability to throw accurate approaches and upshots will make the difference in everyones game, and is guaranteed to lower your round scores."

The key to approach shots is adding them to your practice routine. It's much more fun to practice driving long than it is to practice approach shots. If you really want to lower your scores, you will want to be able to park under the basket any disc that is within 200 feet of the basket.


Putting is the second most important shot in the game. The skills you need to be consistently better in disc golf, are the same as in ball golf. If you perfect your game from 200 feet in, you will lower your disc golf score. And if you get a really good approach shot on a long hole, you get a birdie.

Driving practice is important, but if you spend the biggest part of your practice time on putting and approach shots, you will get a much larger benefit from your time spent and you will improve your game, and lower your scores.

Flying disc approach shots

A great approach by Ken Climo

Another unique approach shot

Other great Disc Golf articles

Stolen disc golf bag and discs This is a very cool, feel good story, about a group of disc golfers that set out to help a fellow disc golfer. They wanted to help, not to get something for themselves, but to do what they would want someone to do for them.

Disc Golf Workout The goal of most disc golfers is to get better. To get better, you need to get lower scores. One of the ways to improve your playing, and lower your scores, is to get in better shape.

How to avoid losing disc golf discs The most common ways to lose your disc disc golf discs is.

1. To throw them into the woods or long grass and not be able to locate them.

2. To play in winter and lose them under the snow.

3. To throw them into water and they sink.

How to select disc golf discs If you read any of the disc golf discussions, one of the most talked about subjects from newer players is, what disc do I use for ______.

How to buy a disc golf bag Other than the discs that you use, the most important part of your disc golf equipment is your bag. It's where you put your disc, and all the other things that you need to play disc golf

Disc Golf Lingo Most people who play disc golf know the regular terms and language. There are lots of other words that people use for describing things that happen on the course, that are not in the dictionary, or in the general vocabulary for disc golf.

Disc golf practice  Disc golf as with most sports brings out the competitiveness in the players. This makes you want to get better so you can beat your friends. Disc golf practice is the best way to get better.


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