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The lakers need youth and speed.. NOW!

Updated on December 20, 2011

things are not good in laker land

Look, i konw that its just the preseason and that game didnt count for any thing , but it def told us something that we already knew, THE LAKERS ARE OLD AND SLOW. The back court of CP3 and billups completed burned the lakers on fast breaks and on the perimeter. The lakers need to find some nice young additions to the team that can come in a make a difference right away because both the back and front courts are too slow! Maybe a move for a move althetic sf might help because i dont think matt barnes and Metta world peace are going to cut it. Also a free agent pick up at the point guard would not hurt neither! I know gilbert Arenas is a bit older too, but i really think if given the proper trainer, he could get his self back in shape and come and start for LA and they could bring fisher off the bench !

Its not all bad however. I saw alot of good things too. E. Banks could be a nice surprize this season! He looked like a nice young addition that could be a spark. So did Darius morris. Troy murphy is a nice addition as well, so we ll see how things play out.


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    • shervs336 profile image

      shervs336 6 years ago from Olongapo City, Philippines

      Rumors has it that they are still after D-Howard. But I don't think its enough to contend for the ring once they surrendered Bynum and Gasol. It could be this year or the next year who knows.