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In catching Brown Trout /how to catch

Updated on June 23, 2011

How to catch brown trout

Brown trout

{also called loch leven trout}.

This trout was introduced into the United States over a century ago.

The overall color is brownish above and yellow below.

It is spotted with dark brown or black spots on it's sides inter mingled with red or orange spots.

The tail fin is rarely spotted and then only obscurely near the borders in large fish.The adipose fin usually has a reddish or orange tinge on the fin margin.

Brown trout found in lakes are usually silvery and frequently with little indication of spots.This is also true of sea run populations commonly found in Europe and in certain local areas of northeastern United States.These forms are sometimes mistaken for Atlantic salmon or landlocked salmon,but may be distinguished by the squarish or only slightly emarginate tail,dark spots on sides usually surrounded by prominent halos,teeth on anterior roof of mouth.This species has been stocked extensively in streams and in many cases it maintains itself despite heavy fishing pressure.It is less common in lakes but does well in lakes and reaches large size.Ten pounds is not uncommon.

Under average growing conditions,brown trout in streams reach a size of around seven inches in two years and 14 inches in four or five years.The largest brown trout on record is around 40 pounds.

It now inhabits much of the former range of brook trout in the more heavily settled portions of the east.Several kinds of brown trout from Germany and Scotland were brought to the United States but they have been thoroughly mixed by fish cultural activities.It has been spread fairly wide and now is found in 40 or so states.It was introduced in many streams and lakes of the west,where it maintains itself with little planting.

One of the reasons is it is hard to catch even when it is plentiful,and thus it sometimes reaches large size.It is considered detrimental to other trout and to salmon because of predatory habits and is thus not encouraged into streams containing anadromous fish.

It's reproduction takes place in streams in the fall months and frequently in  the same general area as that of brook trout.It's spawning habits are similar to that of other members of the trout family.

Like most other trout it's diet consists of smaller fish,aquatic insects,and other small organisms;larger trout stick to fish.

Brown trout are a fevorite of fly fishermen as they feed to considerable instinct on the surface.They are considered to be a most difficult fish to catch,which is why they can maintain their numbers in waters near populated areas.Many of the fish are taken at night by bait fishermen.Bait fishing fly casting,spin fishing ,still fishing and trolling are all successful in catching them.


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