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The Rise Of a Track Runner Part:1

Updated on January 20, 2016

Track Runners Life

Alright so the date is, January 20th, 2016 and it was on a 63 degree after-school evening, and I'm staying after-school to practice track for the 2016 season.

The first things i would like to point out, is that i'm not the fastest nor, the best one out there, and whenever i beat someone in a running activity, i have the tendency to brag, which is why i don't make many friends but I'm trying to avoid this issue.

So i'm waiting for the coaches instruction to give the OK to begin practice and, he proceeds to tell us one lap.....well, OK one lap shouldn't be to hard right?, And it was so, i remained in front the whole time and completed with grace.

Next was the simple stretching and warming up which wasn't a problem at all and after that he gave us a 5-minute break to get water.

After my thirst was replenished, me and the rest of the runners split up into groups, there was the medium distance and the sprinters, and i joined with the medium distance group.

To my knowledge i already knew he's gonna run us, and he told us 14, 400 meters and a one to two minute brake in between, well i'm like um that's not hard right?

So what you also need to know is that I ran track last year and made it to regional's but never made it to yeah i ran track again this year with better hopes, and hopefully to attain a scholarship.

The fist lap was hard, i was trying to keep up with the other teens and always winded up behind them lagging.

This happened every time, every lap and then i wondered to myself, why is this happening? is it the clothes, the shoes?

or maybe i should change up how i run...But that didn't help i still continued to nestle in the back...Now I'm getting frustrated at myself and blaming other people as well.

Then the coach stopped me and said Trey, whats going on man?

I replied: " i'm not in shape coach, i eat cake and sweets, and whatever i can consume. So since I've ran track already, he knew what was the problem, and that problem was that i wasn't physically adjusted yet....that being said i haven't trained prior to the track season itself So i told my coach give me a week and you will see changes, and he replied:" i hope so". Yeah so that was pretty much it for now until tomorrow!


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