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Michael Vick will leave a legacy of talent and toughness

Updated on February 7, 2013

Mike Vick has changed his legacy, again.

 Well, they lost. Mike Vick and the Eagles won't be playing in the super bowl this year. However, that doesn't mean that the 2010 season wasn't a huge success for Michael Vick. Let's rewind to 2009. Vick was fresh out of jail, about to turn 30, and out of shape. Coaches, teams and owners were skeptical about the one time highest paid NFL player. However, Mike has proven that given a second chance he can be a better man, thlete, and role model.

His swagger is back. His numbers are up. His salary is on the rise, but Mike Vick isn't the same man. Vick was known for his huge entourage in Atlanta, Virginia, and everywhere else he resided. Today Mike keeps his posse at a distance. At one point Mike showed up to his Atlanta mansion to find a dozen people he didn't know crashing at his place with his friends and family. This was ultimately the downfall of Vick. The lesson here is this: you are who you hang out with.

The good news is Mike Vick was given a second chance. Sadly many won't get that second chance. Who we allow into our life has serious consequences. Many inmates, victims, and sad parents would echo that truth. Vick is proof that sometimes a second chance and some faith are all someone needs to make a come back. So i ask in closing, who are you going to give a secoond chance in 2011?


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