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The winter skiing experience

Updated on January 8, 2011

The beauty of skiing

Winter skiing

There is nothing like the feeling of skiing down the slopes with the rush of wind against your face as the light of the sun permeates the winter sky resonating a glow that showcases the picturesque snow covered mountain peaks perched in the distance. Although you feel the chill in the air you can't help but appreciate the splendor of it all as you glide effortlessly down the trail of snow and ice. This makes for a wonderful visual landscape that is breathtaking to watch as you ski the mountainous terrain navigating through the snow weaving and passing the other skiers.

It is exhilarating and a feeling most people don't experience often enough. It is a great escape from the routines of normal living and an exciting time as you traverse the trails you are most comfortable with and that are suited to your skill level. Skiing is a sport that requires confidence, skills, desire, lessons, practice and proper judgement. If you have the desire to learn the fundamentals of skiing and how to protect yourself if you fall then you will find the chance of graduating from the bunny hill to the novice runs that require adherence to the rules of safety and the skills and knowledge obtained during the ski lesson.

I remember when I first learned to ski and the feeling I had as I navigated the beginner slope for the first time. It was an incredible experience and one I still remember to this day. I was 19 years old and in my sophomore year of college during winter break. I went to visit my cousins and skied with them and my aunt and uncle. We went to Ski Windham and I fell in love with the whole experience of being on the slopes, hanging out at the ski lodge, drinking hot apple cider and hot chocolate, taking the lift up to the slope and skiing. I took one lesson and practiced on the bunny trail and with the encouragement of my family relatives skied the rest of the day on the beginner and intermediate slopes. I felt as if I had always skied the way I glided down the trails that day and it was the best time I remember having. I was a young man and I needed a break from my engineering studies at college and this was a great time and experience that I still remember as if it was only yesterday though it was 30 years ago.

The experience of being in control on a snow covered mountain and feeling the sense of motion is like no other that I can think of as you and your skies glide through the snow as you wind down the slope from the very top and arrive safely down by the lodge. My very first day of skiing was truly special and one I will never forget because I've only had a handful of experiences skiing yet each one of them was pure joy. I am not the kid I used to be but I would love to experience the joy of skiing once again and feel it would reconnect me to my youth. I would love to introduce my son to the experience and see him develop the confidence and the ability to ski as well.

Skiing is a great opportunity for students on winter break who wish to get away for a couple of days and recharge before they get back to the rigors of school. It is also a great social experience and a wonderful opportunity to learn a fun and practical skill that should be similar to riding a bicycle. Once you learn to ski you never forget. You just have to stay fit physically and practice safety at all times and always dress properly.

If you find that you are drawn to skiing then there are weekend getaways that you can plan provided it is in your budget. It is a great opportunity to have lots of fun and to meet new friends. Skiing is for people of all ages. I have seen seniors on the slopes as well as young kids. I am always amazed when I see a young kid skiing and doing so well. Kids have an easy time picking up on skiing because they have no fear. It's when you get older that you tend to be more resistant to taking chances. I was very lucky to have the experience of skiing and it certainly has made an impact in my life even though I don't have the opportunity to do it as often as I would like to.

As I play in the snow with my son at home a part of me wants to take him and my wife for a drive upstate to ski at Windham which is a wonderful family resort to ski for a day, a weekend or a full week. It would be a dream come true if I could get my wife who is from the Philippines and my son on the slopes and have them experience what I have. I believe they would really enjoy it and it makes for great family fun.

As the winter arrives I always think back to that day 30 years ago when I skied for my very first time. What a great time it was! I suggest anyone who has the desire to ski and has never tried to go for it because you only live once and this is one of the many things you should wish to experience in life.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Skiing on the edge!

A family ski trip Windham NY

Snowboarding at Ski Windham

Learning to ski


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