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Theme Parks In Florida

Updated on November 11, 2013

Busch Gardens

Turkey Legs!
Turkey Legs!


Visiting these theme parks is a great lifetime opportunity. There is always something different to do. By reading this guide, maybe you will be interested in visiting these theme parks or even ones I haven't even been to yet.

If you're wondering who that crazy woman eating the Turkey Leg, that would be me. Keep reading, it's my tradition.

All pictures obtained on this site are strictly from me. I own all of them. Any pictures of trademarked companies, I am using the pictures as a way of teaching the community about the different attractions available to you! Thank you very much!



Busch Gardens: What's better than animals and roller coasters being all in one place?

Not only can you visit the tigers and watch the fish, you can also puke your brains out on roller coasters!

Busch Gardens is great because there is something for everyone. If you are unable to ride the roller coasters, enjoy a train ride through the different areas of the park. This train has multiple stations and allows tourists to look at other beautiful scenery and enjoy the animals as well. What kind of animals do you expect to see? Just about all of them! You can pet Kangaroos and Wallabies. There are Peacocks, Flamingos, ducks and even parrots. There is a beautiful bird cage that allows you to hand feed, nectar eating birds.

The best roller coasters are the Montu and Sheikra. If you're not familiar with Sheikra, it goes straight down! Yep, 90 degrees straight toward Mother Earth.

My Visit: This is by far my favorite theme park. I love the roller coasters. To add to that, this is where I rode my first roller coaster called the Scorpion. Whenever a break is needed, I would go look at animals or eat amazing food from the Smokehouse Grill. Unfortunately it started raining last time I went and everything was soaked, not including the amount of water that poured on me from riding the Congo River Ride. Some of the rides even got shut down because the lightning was getting closer throughout the day. So, I invested $7.99 in a beautiful bright blue Busch Gardens Poncho, and looked at all of the animals.

On the bright side, I got a fun card for the rest of the year so I can return whenever I would like. I also suggest eating their yummy Smoked Turkey Legs. It's my own tradition to get a turkey leg any time I go to a theme park.

Disney World Castle

Christmas. This photo was taken by me.
Christmas. This photo was taken by me.

Disney World: The most magical place ever!

The happiest place on Earth is what they go by. And by happy, I mean really happy.

Disney has multiple parks within itself. There is Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios. There is even a Downtown Disney which includes Lego Land, Disney Quest, Cirque Du Solei, House of Blues and more! Water parks include Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Disney is definitely spread throughout Florida, especially throughout the world. Did you know there is a Disney World in Egypt?!

Disney has a monorail and multiple transportation selections. The Monorail jumps from park to park. The best view in the park hands down is the Disney Castle. It is covered it beautiful lights that change the color every couple minutes or so.

My Visit: I started in Epcot and enjoyed visiting the different countries. They hire their workers from all over the world to bring a little bit of their country back to Florida. Once done with Epcot, I made my way to Disney Hollywood Studios. The only unique thing I suggest doing, is go during Christmas! Religious or not, you need to go and experience the lights, the songs, the cold, and a warm cup of hot cocoa! During Christmas, Disney correlates their music with the lights and is simply the most amazing thing to experience. Once the music and light show was completed, I made my way back to Magic Kingdom with my boyfriend only to find this amazing site! The Disney Castle completely covered head to toe in beautiful Christmas Lights. This was one of my most amazing trips. I highly recommend everyone experiencing the same highlight I had.

Monkey Jungle


Monkey Jungle

Did I say pet them? Yes, yes I did. Down in Miami there is a wonderful place called Monkey Jungle. Hidden away in a wooded area, this place is home to hundreds of monkeys. The great thing about this trip is that you learn the difference in the species and you can enjoy nature.

My Visit: Monkey Jungle is simply unique. There is not one other place in Florida like it. Yes there are no roller coasters or an abundance of junk food, but there is one of many things. MONKEYS! I did the VIP tour for about $90.00 a person and got to hand feed monkeys nuts and raisins. My absolute favorite was the Squirrel Monkeys. They jump on you and are so light. They really are like tiny hairy humans with long tails. I was also able to see a giant Gorilla. He was fortunately saved from a previous zoo and has been trained to listen to the zoo keepers. Also along my adventure, I was able to see an Orangutan. It too was also trained and made faces when the zoo keepers asked it.

Disney Quest: 5 floors of gaming!

Yes, multiple floors of gaming. Disney Quest has rides and games for every age. Their main attractions are Cyberspace Mountain and an abundance of arcade games including Wreck It Ralph. Cyberspace Mountain is a simulator for the roller coater you build and it has a built in camera to watch how you react to your ride. Wreck it Ralph is a newer movie that just came out but has a matching arcade game. The idea of this is pretty cool! On top of those, you can find the older arcade games such as Pac Man and even Galaga.

Another cool thing about Disney Quest is that it is part of Downtown Disney. Not only can you go here, but you can visit Lego Land and see beautiful works of art. If you're hungry, you can visit the Ghiradelli chocolate factory.

My visit: I did all of them! However the camera was down in Cyberspace Mountain. I enjoyed my trip other than that!


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    • Pitthead profile image

      Pitthead Jones 3 years ago

      WOW what a magnificent place!!

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      JG11Bravo 4 years ago

      It never ceases to amaze me to hear just how big Disney World is.