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There Are Other People At The Lakers Game Besides Jack Nicholson

Updated on May 22, 2012

Yeah I know Jack Nicholson is at the Lakers game. I can see him everytime the ball comes down the end of the court opposite the Lakers bench. I DO NOT NEED multiple close ups of him every single time the Lakers play at home. The man has had season tickets to Lakers games since 1970. Everyone in the free world is aware he is there. Even some outside the free world are aware he is there. Other actors such as Dustin Hoffman, Denzel Washington, Slyvester Stallone, and Dyan Cannon are shown at the games from time to time but only one actor is shown on television at EVERY SINGLE LAKERS GAME. And quite frankly it has gotten so old i would rather the crew from ESPN go up into the top row of Staples Center and give me a shot of an LA drug dealer who sold his last gold tooth so he could get tickets to the game.

I'll admit when Magic Johnson was drafted by the Lakers in 1979 to join forces with Kareem Abdul Jabbar and the Lakers took off in the 80's that I could see how attendance at Lakers games by celebrities had some appeal to national viewers. The Lakers played a style of ball worthy of a Hollywood script. They were cocky, flashy, and smooth. Much like the character Nicholson played in the 1987 film Witches Of Eastwick. Nicholson got to play the character Daryl Van Horn who manuevers his way through 3 very attractive women played by Cher, Susan Sarandon, and Michelle Pfeiffer. But then came 1991 and the announcement by Magic Johnson that he had HIV. Before the press conference started you could probably hear the Randy Newman song "I Love LA" echoing from somewhere inside the Forum. After it was done it would have been no surprise had Don Meredith shown up for a rendition of "Turn Out The Lights The Party's Over". It was at that moment when Jack Nicholson should have stopped being a focal point at Lakers games. Showtime had run its course. 16 years later we had Nicholson making a movie with Morgan Freeman about all the things they should try before they die. How bout letting Freeman sit in your seat one night at a Lakers game so we get a shot of him for a change.

What I want to know is what the television networks think is going through the minds of their viewers everytime they zoom in on Jack. Do they think the average Laker fan is sitting out there saying "Wow would you look at that. IT'S JACK NICHOLSON. I can't believe he came out to the game tonight. It's been only 48 hours since we saw him at the last game and now they're giving us more? We never thought we'd have the opportunity to absorb this much greatness in one season. Thanks for making us Jack's team." Now let me tell you what's going through my mind when I see him. "Wow would Paula Abdul please put on her Laker girl uniform and make a comeback. I never once saw her working a game back in the 80's."

Why wasn't Jack Nicholson in this video?


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