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Yes, There is a Better Way to Tie Your Shoe

Updated on February 5, 2010

If you're like most people, your shoes can occasionally come untied on their own.  Or it might happen quite often, depending on the type of laces, and the types of activity.  Chances are, it happens when your arms are full of groceries, or you're moving a couch, or it's winter and you're wearing gloves, or you're giving a presentation at work, or you're in the middle of a set in your workout, or you're doing SOMEthing that you would have to stop completely just to bend down and tie your stinkin' shoe (so to speak). 

Either that, or it's just plain irritating that they come untied in the first place, and you find it even more irritating to resort to that old bandaid, the "double knot", which usually works, but not always, and doncha know that if you don't have strong nails you'll be spending 5 to 10 minutes just untying them later!

Well, one of my more unique hobbies is knot tying. I'm not an expert, but more of an enthusiast, or even a "fan". I find it fascinating that there are hundreds of different ways to tie a rope.

In learning how to tie a couple dozen different knots, one starts to see the trends, and can understand some of the mechanics of what makes a not hold.

So, while tying my shoe one day, after having recently been victim to an undone shoelace while running, I started trying different ways of tying my laces. I finally arrived at a technique that is so simple, I'm amazed we don't all already do it!

It works so well, that I use it almost exclusively now. It works with all types of laces, especially those dress-shoe laces that usually come untied fairly easily. And on top of it all, the finished knot actually looks nicer!

I used my work boots in the photos because they were the easiest to see.

Step 1, First Change

Start by pulling the left lace toward you over the right. This is the first change from the typical method, which is to go away from you with the first turn.

Step 2

Make a loop on the right, and send the left lace over it, away from you.  This should be business as usual...

Step 3, Second Change

Send the left lace over the loop again!

Step 4

Now send the left lace through the loops, just like normal. It will be a tad tighter than usual, since there are now two loops.  Notice that I'm holding the end of the left lace between the fingers of my left hand.

Step 5

Now pull the two loops, as you normally would. Allow the second loop to go under the first and end up on the right side.  If you have flat laces, then it's even better if the second loop stays under the first.

2nd loop goes UNDER the first
2nd loop goes UNDER the first
Pull the left end with your fingers to keep the ends under the loops.
Pull the left end with your fingers to keep the ends under the loops.

Final Step!

Tighten the knot gently, so it keeps its form.  You may need to push the loops together a little if they begin to separate.

Once it's snug, give it a tug to make it tight.  The tighter the knot, the more secure it will be.  But be careful; if you are in the habit of making your shoe knot very tight in an attempt to keep them from coming untied, then you probably don't need to tighten this knot quite as much.  This knot can be harder on your laces, so making it too tight can cause them to wear out more quickly.  Your best bet is to experiment, and see what works best.  But in my experience, "snug" is plenty.

It even LOOKS nicer than the typical shoe tie!
It even LOOKS nicer than the typical shoe tie!

Untying your shoes is as easy as always.  Just pull on the ends.

I hope this helps somebody out there get rid of at least one small nuisance in life.  :)


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      LOOOOOOOOOOL .... i dumped him (tears of joy) though we had such a special thing heart sings in happiness heheheh...and tears toooo (can u hand me a tissue plz)

    • droj profile image

      droj 8 years ago from CNY

      Uriel, I hope I haven't caused problems in a relationship that has such a solid foundation... :-P

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      ok (i tripped kissed the floor the stairs and everything in my way (blushing) yup i tend to spend most of my time on the floor (It is so in love with me that i feel i can't resist falling in love with it over and over again)..YUP and theoretically, i am supposed to be a grown up LOL... Its either the laces are too long or they simply untie.. ANd cause me to trip :S .. i guess i am going to print the picutres...maybe this will solve my disaster :D...i loved the way you simplified the steps and clarified them. Thanks for sharing and hopefully i won't french kiss the floor again :S

    • droj profile image

      droj 8 years ago from CNY

      Who's not very smart? :-P If YOU showed it to him, maybe he'll totally ignore it. :^) If he doesn't, I'll be curious how well it works for him. It has never let ME down!

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      Hey droj, I just showed this to my son. His shoes are always untie. He may try it...then again, maybe not, he is almost 13 and I am not very smart right now!

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      Thanks for the advice! The pictures really help. Congratulations on making HubNuggets!

    • gfang profile image

      gfang 8 years ago from Southern California


    • freelanceworld profile image

      freelanceworld 8 years ago from Canada


      Being a Doctor (Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery), i have tied many knots...

      Each surgical procedure either in ERoom or Operation theatre needs a specific type of knot of sutures as per laid down rules or research standards. i think, in fact that's from where various unique & (so called difficult) knots have emerged in associated world.

      Though i havnt much suffered from this nuisance much :P , i forgot to apply the expertise... Thanks Droj for reminding me...will try all the other knots that are possible .... may be the next Knot hub will be mine .. with a better

      Best Regards :)

    • profile image

      Chris Johnson 8 years ago

      Love it. Once I mandate this, my basketball team will have to come up with some new excuses!

    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 8 years ago

      Sheesh! why dint i think o' that? I know my knots too. gee thanks

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

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      And oh, here’s a friendly advice: Ask your family, friends, neighbors (basically all the people you know to vote for your hub). The more votes, the more chances of winning. Wouldn’t it be great to be part of the Hubpages newsletter? Get the word out and celebrate spring in a hubnugetty way. Enjoy…

      Lots of love and light,

      Ripplemaker Michelle

      P.S. Now I know how to tie my shoe in a better way. Thanks :-)

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Thanks! That's one less nuisance in life for me! Great hub! :D