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There is a better way to fundraising!

Updated on March 21, 2012

Gold Canyon's Fundraising Program

Gold Canyon has never forgot the support that came from their community when that first flicker of candlelight came to be. And now Gold Canyon gives back through their Lending a Hand Fundraising Program. This program helps you support your favorite school, team, clue or community of choice. To date Gold Canyon's fundraising program has helped organizations raise over $31.8 million!

What Gold Canyon fundraisers are good for....

  • Sports Teams
  • Dance and Gymnastics Teams
  • School Groups
  • Church Programs
  • Community Groups
  • And so much more!

Why use Gold Canyon for your fundraiser?

Well simply put Gold Canyon's reputation alone is all the reason to use us as your fundraising option. But let me tell you something... You know the old fundraising method of candy bars? Well you will be in shock when I tell you that the sale of just ONE Gold Canyon 16oz Candle is the equivalent to 14 of those candy bars. That's right. You will earn tons more money for your organization by using Gold Canyon as your fundraiser!

Make fundraising easier and less time-consuming for your team, group or club by selling a product that truly sells itself!


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