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There's a big bang outside the U.F.C

Updated on January 9, 2011
Circus... acts at their finest
Circus... acts at their finest

Dana White: "Overeem isn´t a top 10 MMA-fighter".

It's a cycle of truth that can't be denied

   U.F.C has become quite the phenomenon in recent years and there's no denying nor disputing that it's the greatest professional fighting organisation in the world by far. What's factual is, every U.F.C fighter from top to bottom in the heavyweight rank has leaped from other minor or smaller M.M.A organisations. All those standout fighters with great win/lose records will earn a promotion in the U.F.C. It's a cycle that keeps going; in other words, the U.F.C is living off from those minor organisations.

   According to U.F.C president Dana White, if you're outside the U.F.C you mean zilt, you're sub-par. Undeniably, that logic can't even be comprehended by apes, but in Dana's mind, top contenders like Junior Dos Santos and Shane Carwin, and former U.F.C champion (former WWE superstar) Brock Lesnar and current U.F.C champion (former strikeforce competitor) Cain Velasquez would have been irrelevant before stepping foot in the U.F.C, therefore, it would be a crime if they were mentioned in the MMA top 10 rank.

   We don't only know how those fighters turned out to be, but we also know how much Dana adores, respects and even drools over those former lower league fighters he now claims as 'his'. Certainly it's a mix of sheer ignorance and arrogance.

   His latest onslaught remark was darted at those, who claim Alistair Overeem warrants a top 10 rank in the MMA. As Dana White emphatically stated, " has he fought anybody worth mentioning uh, yeah that would help. Guys that fight the top guys in the top 10, three times a year in mixed martial arts - those are the guys that are ranked in the top 10. How about the fact that he's fighting in k-1, where you just kick and punch ?, there's no wrestling, there's no this and there's no that. How does any credible (expletive) MMA guy put him in the top 10 in the heavyweight division ? It's hilarious ".

   Which implies, outsiders like Alistair Overeem (and Fedor Emelianenko) are unworthy of their top 10 acclaims. Yet your troops are always expected to cover the top 10's [absurd]. This exemplifies a typical notion in Dana's stand, which ultimately destroys all his credibility in the eyes of MMA fans. Dana, move over, let me deal with the ranking of Alistair, without any fiasco in my top 10 MMA heavyeights of the world. 

   History suggests Minotauro Nogueira the former Pride FC chapmpion was overwhelmed by Fedor Emelianenko three times in Pride FC, contended for the U.F.C title; including, settling some victories over U.F.C's stable; the likes of the great Randy Couture, Heath Herring, and former U.F.C champion Tim Sylvia. If Nogueira can create so much noise in the U.F.C, conventional wisdom tells you Fedor would better Nogueira's accomplishments in the U.F.C.

   Dana disagrees with that logic; on the contrary, he has claimed too many times before, " in order for Fedor to earn my respect, he has to fight the very best of the world three times a year ". It doesn't really matter how often you fight the top fighters in a year or in a week, as long as you have credentials of defeating the cream of the crop. It's like a fighter who's prone to injuries, fights once a year and still conquers any opponent he faces. I'm sure we won't be hearing Dana losing any respect for his top boys if they were injured and were forced to fight once a year. It's plain one sided hypocrisy. And a terrible one at that. Well Fedor's greatness, was surely justified in accumulating his astonishing, and unprecedenting feats - 32 wins (and just 1 loss), including those epic wins against Nogueira (three times), and Mirko Cro Cop in their prime. I think that's enough to earn anyone's respect on Fedor being the emperor of the MMA world.

   Why can't Alistair Overeem be another one to capture the glory of those former competitors in the U.F.C ? A legitimate case to be made in response to Dana's temper tantrum outburst on 'Reem' not belonging in the top 10 MMA heavyweights. Such biase specialy against Overeem's calibre can't be tolerated. It's not like he's just another fighter from any organisation. There hasn't been anything average about the demolition man in the last three years, from the ever evolving physical prowess that he possess to his immacable streak of nine wins he has registered.

   Alistair has all the raw physical tools a world class athlete can dream about. A generic of a specimen that possess a frightening combination of strength, quickness, agility, size and K.O. horse power, that can only be produced at the science labrotaries. The skills he packs are as refined as his raw physical attributes.

   Overeem is the king of K-1, as he was the tournament champion winner which ended 14th DEC 2010. He has a unique distinction of being the first pro fighter to hold two major titles in two different combat sports - the Strikforce (MMA) and K-1 (kick boxing) titles. Standing up and trading shots would be an invitation of disaster waiting to happen. Don't underestimate Overeem's grappling skills either. An ADCC 2005 European Qualifiers winner. His submission grappling skills are something to be noted; almost as adequate as his standup. In his last nine wins, four of those resulted in submission wins. Getting caught in the dreaded guillotine choke is a brutal crocodilian like squeeze that nobody wishes to encounter; if, passing from the first stage, to a psyche that can neutralize takedown attempts in it's own. Overeem's Versatility (standup and ground game) enables him to be even more dangerous. A well oiled fighting machine to watch, however, a nightmare for anyone to combat..

There's no escape from the guillotine

Multi-dimension of the REEM

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Knocking the stuff out of Brett RogersIntroduced to an UberkneeThrowing some wild bombsNo way out of the snapper
Knocking the stuff out of Brett Rogers
Knocking the stuff out of Brett Rogers
Introduced to an Uberknee
Introduced to an Uberknee
Throwing some wild bombs
Throwing some wild bombs
No way out of the snapper
No way out of the snapper

     Impressive victories backed up by Overeem

   Not only outclassing Brett Rogers, he obliterated the 'Grim', tossing him around like a rag doll, then enjoying some picnic workout on top, before finishing him off with unrelenting battering blows to the head. The great Fedor endured some severe punishment in the hands of Rogers, yet someone watched and laughed at what he witnessed.

   I like to see anyone in the U.F.C (excluding Cain Velasquez) manhandle Brett Rogers the way Overeem man handled him. 2010 ended with a flush for the 'reem' KOing Todd Duffe in 18 seconds of the 1st round. True, nothing exceptional or credible about downing Duffee, but Mike Russow the number 10 ranked fighter in the U.F.C by Dana White, got pummeled for three rounds by Duffee, offerring absolutely nothing except a concrete skull to smash fists against and then lands this miracle punch, after overcoming major adversity. Which looked like a miracle K.O. victory that can only be displayed in the movies, and ofcourse in WWE. And he's a U.F.C fighter let alone a top 10 in the U.F.C, and somehow that equates to what Alistair has done in the world of MMA, namely destroy supposedly worthy opponents in Brett Rogers (not long ago a highly ranked fighter) and Todd Duffee, (a great prospect) in under 5 minutes in total, in a brutal dominating fashion. Who you beat and how you finish them off speaks volumes. Clearly he has cemented his status as one of the top professional fighters in the world. A case that can't be disputed.

   Overeem is a complete fighter, and a deadly one at that. It's coming to a point in his career where his challenger got to be a top notch, one complete bad ass fighter. So who can tame him at this stage of his career ? All he has to do is keep it standing, and I mean keep it standing constantly, and he'll defeat the BJJ wizards like Werdum, Nogueira and Mir, who aren't exceptional in their standup nor their takedowns.

   How would he fair against the upper echelons of the heavyweight division, if they were to interevene ?

   Roy Nelson VS Overeem ?       At 2nd round, Nelson was a broken man from all the kicking and clinching game at the hands of the k-1 king. Just too much Overeem with his quick decisive and swarming knee attacks. This leaves us with the top four U.F.C fighters at the heavyweight division.

   Carwin vs Overeem ?      Neither of the two would be able to out-do the other in the clinch position, but once second round came around, Overeem's cardio, quickness and explosiveness were the key contributing factors on the outcome of the fight. Carwin was attacked from the side angle position, kicked, and was brought down for good. Via giullotine choke.

   Junior Dos Santos vs Overeem ?       The kicking game of Overeem proved the difference. Overeem wins by an uberknee kick to the face. Ref stoppage. As JDS got slower and more tired, he wasn't able to shrug him off, as he ate knees and kicks repeatedly in the 3rd round, Overeem took advantage of his clinching game. The downfall of JDS in the fight - Don't rely too much of your stand up against the k-1 champion of the universe.

   Brock Lesnar vs Overeem ?       Round 1, Overeem landed a swift low kick, Lesnar charged, and was met with a pair of bolting fists, despite launching a kick of his own. While retreiving back, Lesnar neutralized Overeem's attack well by throwing a few uppercut misses while turning to the side angle position on few occasions, Overeem was able to grasp that tactic, before delivering two kicks. Brock charged and backed away a few times, finally caught him, and instead of going for a TD, high kneed his prey with fury. Brock was going Muay Thai, mind you, after a few lessons under his belt. Both in tightly gripped clinch position to end the fight. Brock winning slightly in power, while Overeem scored more points in kicking, Round 2, a bomb exploded as the two collided together, Brock received a blow to the face, though still holding on. It wasn't a short struggle before Overeem went down, took one hit like a man and got up, Brock got him down again ending up holding on to his neck, as Overeem gradually got up, was able to break free, with elbows, a knee and an uppercut. And stormed back at his victim from side angle position, mounting some vicious kicks, grabbing him and unleashing uberknees after another, followed by an uppercut. Go get your dinner Overeem. It's over. End of round 2.

   Cain V. vs Overeem ?     Round 1, early on, both fighters would trade fists, mostly misses, few were connected but to no avail, neither did enough damage to the other, but the bigger man had the upper hand, pushing and working (due to the knees and strength) Cain well on the clinch position. Round 2, Cain was caught with a powerful right, (visually dazed but not out) from close distance, Overeem quickly dashed to secure another clinch position, and Cain was kneed repeatedly, and got taken down. The dreaded guillotine was gripping around the victims neck, the Latin pride was able to escape, proving to be too slick for Overeem, kicking him on one side and quickly shifting to the other side onto Overeem for the takedown. Hammerfists were thrown at the lower side of Overeem's head. As Overeem managed to get up he met what he faced moments ago; another kick and a takedown. G'n'P. It's all over. Cain wins end of second round.

   Fedor vs Overeem ?      Round 1, Both traded shots in close position, both were hit hard, Fedor could not take Overeem down as he was brushed aside, initially defending and holding on to his attempted kick. In a clinch position, Fedor was almost burried and dominated in the arms of 'Reem'. And got elbowed in the face repeatedly. Round 2, Fedor looked like he's playing the mouse vs the cat game, not taking any risk engaging, for most of the second round. Overeem got frustrated, as one of his kicks was caught and ended up kissing a fist off fedor's. Fedor rumbled Overeem to the ground momentarily before getting up. round 3, Fedor continued playing the mouse vs the cat game until mid round when they tustled in clinch position, this time Fedor ate some punshing knees and a stiff elbow to the face. Fedor was rolled down, and held there. A noticeably tired Overeem worked on G'n'P. Throwing some STIFFS. Fedor up on his knees, grabbed Overeem's leg for levarage and went for a sweep, quickly turning it to a TD ?, no; he went for a massive uppercut that brought Overeem to his knees. The emperor finished the fight at the end of 3rd round, despite being in a bloody mess.

   The outcome could look like these projected fights, which won't be far stretched from reality. A far cry from Dana White's 'truth'.

    I would rank Fedor and Overeem 2 and 3 in the MMA top 10 world rank respectively, followed by Cain velaquez as the world's no.1 fighting assassin. Who truly can't be touched in my opinion. A gods god of a pro fighter.


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