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Putting - In Golf Try Eliminating Those Three Putt Greens

Updated on June 21, 2011

Count Your 3 Putts

Next time you play a round of golf keep track of how many 3 putt greens you had. Was it three or five or more. As far as I am concerned one 3 putt green is one too many. Don't get me wrong 3 putt greens do and will happen. Even the pros on tour get them. But if you are aware of how deadly they can be to your golf game, you will start to shoot lower scores. It's funny but that old saying drive for show and putt for dough is so true! A winning golfer is one who can make the putts.

Analyze Your Golf Game

As an example if you shoot an 83 and had five 3 putt greens this could have been a 79 if four of the 3 putt greens were 2 putt greens. Wow that's a four stroke savings. Have I confused you with all this math. So in my case I had a hard time breaking 75. Although in your case it might be trying to break 80, 90, or 100.

Anyway during this time in my golfing life I started to analyze why I couldn't break 75. My driving accuracy for hitting fairways was superb (except for the odd one). My iron shots were sufficient. I kept asking myself why I couldn't break 75. What was I doing wrong?

My brain was starting to over pulsate from all this thinking. Then like Christoper Columbus I made an important discovery. I was having too many 3 putt greens. I would shoot say a 79 and during this round of golf I would have at least five 3 putt greens. This many 3 putt greens was killing my golf score. If I could have 2 putted these greens I shoot a 74. My dream of breaking 75 finally comes true. Just so you know I finally did break 75 several times. See golf dreams really do come true (still waiting for that Masters victory though)!

Maybe It's Time For A New Putter

Practice Your Putting

You're probably asking yourself what did he do? It was simple! I started to practice my putting. Instead of going to the driving range a pounding out driver after driving (like most of us do) or hanging around the 19th hole too long (like some us do). I went to the practice putting green instead. I would pull out six golf balls, pick out a hole, pull out the pin, mark off three feet and start my putting drill.

My goal was to make 100 putts in a row. If I missed just one putt I would start over. Are you feeling the stress and tension just thinking about it! The pressure you start to feel when you get down to the last couple of putts is incredible. Your hands begin to tremble. Your heart beats faster. This is what you need. You must practice your putting under this kind of intensity. Then when you're on the course and you need to make a putt you will be able to do it.

If you can't handle the thought of making 100 putts in a row try 20 or 50 or any number that your golfing heart desires. Anyway you look at it this is a great putting drill that will reduce the number of 3 putts that you have and this in turn will have you shooting lower scores.

Additional Putting Lessons

Another variation to this putting drill is to start with a shorter length putt and work your way out a foot at a time. Start with a one foot putt. Now don't laugh! We all know that anyone can make a one foot putt (well most of us can). The reasoning behind this is it builds confidence. It creates a mental picture in your mind. You see the golf ball continuously dropping into the cup. It starts to feel good.

When you're confident enough do it from two feet, then three and so on. The next thing you know you're at the 12 foot mark sinking putts. You my friend are becoming a skilled putter. All this from simply practicing your putting!

The next putting drill involves putting 50 putts from three feet using only your left hand. After 50 putts switch to the right hand. Then 50 putts using both hands. This putting drill gives you a more uniform feeling in your hands. Try it you won't believe the different sensation you feel.

This final drill will make the golf hole turn into the size of a gigantic abyss (well maybe not that big). What you do is put a tee in the ground. Mark off that magical three feet again. Focus your eyes on the tee. Take aim. Then start firing those putts. Try as hard as you can to the hit the tee. Do this for 10 minutes. When finished do the same thing but putt towards an actual golf hole. Magically the area of the hole will appear larger. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose except extra golf strokes.

Below are eight putting lesson videos. They are similar to the written putting lessons above. I suggest you watch each one. Well that's it for now. Thanks and good luck with your putting.

The Putting Drill That Tiger Woods Uses


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    • Ben Wilder profile image

      Steven Lamon 3 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Great article, I liked the videos. I have used a lot of these drills over the years but I have not seen the Tiger Woods one before. I will give it a try! Thanks.

    • Island Dreamer profile image

      Gary 7 years ago from Hamiton, Ontario, Canada

      Thank you for the comment. I know the thought of making those 100 putts in a row seems like an all day event. It really isn't as bad as it sounds. You will be surprised at how quickly you can achieve this goal. Trust and believe in yourself that you can do it. Positive thinking is more than half the battle when it comes to playing golf (especially putting). What the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. Good luck with your putting.

    • Gleddy13 profile image

      Gleddy13 7 years ago from Salt Lake City, Utah

      I think I would be on the putting green all day if I had to make 100 in a row. Maybe that't why I have a hard time breaking 85. Good advice though, as I think back over my game it seems I have 7 or 8 three put greens pretty consistently. A lot of room there for improvement.