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Thoughts for WWE 03/21/2016 and Beyond

Updated on March 21, 2016

TNA to WWE Trend to Continue

What a great time to be a wrestling fan. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and Austin Aeries are all in WWE in one of their formats. AJ Styles should be a future champion and his feud with Chris Jericho has been one of the best feuds in WWE today. Jericho as a heel has been near perfect and AJ has played his role (even if quiet) very well. I honestly think AJ Styles is doing some of his best in ring work in a while even at his age. Their match at Wrestlemania could steal the show from a pure wrestling match stand point. Old school rivalry and wrestling. Samoa Joe is wrestling Finn Balor for the NXT championship at NXT Takeover in Dallas. This is another amazing rivalry and a match that catapult the loser to the main roster. Austin Aries is going to take on Baron Corbin and I am exited to see both men battle it out before my guess of Baron Corbin coming to the main roster an enforcer for a current talent. Now Bobby Roode and Eric Young have quit TNA Wrestling. Even though I am not a huge Eric Young fan he does have the mic skills and charisma to come to WWE. Booby Roode is an absolute stud in the ring and on the mic. He has WWE Champion written all over him. Even at 39 he is a superb talent and WWE would be dumb not to bring him directly to the main roster.

Kurt Angle to WWE?

If WWE has not made Kurt Angle a priority then they have lost their mind. A farewell tour culminating at Summer Slam or Wrestlemania would have a huge pay off. I prefer Summer Slam because I believe a year run would wear out Angles welcome. His retirement match has to be against Brock Lesnar. No other superstar on the roster has the chemistry these two have had. Only a few other options are on the table, but the one guy that i would have said over Brock Lesnar just retired. Kurt Angle is one of the best in ring performers to ever grace the squared circle. I always found it a shame he was in TNA Wrestling when he deserved a bigger stage. He is an intense, technical wrestler who almost never has a bad match. Dream matches with Cesaro, Rollins, Ambrose, Owens, and the list goes on and on. Also Kurt Angle needs and is deserving of a Hall of Fame induction.

Wrestlemania 32 Thoughts

Does it really feel like Wrestlemania is around the corner? Am I any more exited about Wrestlemania then other Pay Per Views? This Wrestlemania needs at least one more large match. Bray Wyatt has to have an opponent at Wrestlemania. I do not want a thrown together match with Kane and Big Show. Wyatt has too much potential and his presence at Wrestlemania needs to be felt. Can you imagine his entrance in that stadium? It will be a sight to see on television. I love the Wyatt character and so do most other people. Undertaker has an amazing entrance and I saw it live last year for the first time. It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen live, but maybe we need a change. I would love for him to come in as Big Evil riding a motorcycle to Limp Bizkit. I know WWE has to fill in an hour with him walking to the ring slower then a snail, but we have seen this entrance before and have not seen the other entrance in years. Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar are going to tear the house down! I am actually more exited about this match then any other on the card. I also believe Ambrose gets the reaction of the night. He is the most over guy in wrestling and at Wrestlemania the world will know it. This match will elevate him again. He has to be WWE Champion by the end of this year or next years Wrestlemania. His build has been organic in every way and WWE has done an excellent job building him as atop star. He is everything WWE has tried to do with Roman Reigns but failed. Brock Lesnar is a mountain for Dean to climb. I am honestly not sure who wins this match, but who cares as long as they give them time to destroy each other. Roman Reigns vs Triple H for the WWE Championship will be a great match. The build has been great and all the controversy has been amazing. I love the fact that people are talking about Reigns not being over when every report from house shows is saying he gets a great reaction. Expect a special entrance for both men for the show of shows. I expect the main event to exceed expectations in every way. Outside interference will happen in some way even though I prefer they don't. I am very disappointing with the thrown together crappy under card. A divas tag match, the Usos vs The Dudley Boys,The Andre the Giant Battle Royal all are a bust for me. Owens vs how many ever opponents they choose is going to be good but probably not a classic. I mentioned above how good Jericho vs AJ Styles will be. Overall one of the weakest Wrestlemania cards in years.

WWE Raw for 03/21/2016

Considering the Reigns vs Triple H conflict escalated to a violent assault by Roman Reigns I think it is best if Triple H stays off Raw to sell his injuries. Have Stephanie come out and run the crowd and Roman Reigns down. Have Reigns come down no smiles and say as little as possible and intimidate Stephanie out of the ring. He needs to sound pissed off and ready to go. Little is more here. With most big names not advertised for the show this will be a great show to build some smaller rivalries for Wrestlemania. I want the focus of the show to be a surprise opponent for Bray Wyatt. We need one more big match and who ever Bray faces has to be revealed with two weeks to go until Wrestlemania 32. I just hope it is some one we actually want to see him wrestle. Please no tag team vs tag team. I would like a follow up to Dolph Ziggler last week not winning his match and I would love a heel turn after Wrestlemania. The Lana vs Brie Bella tag team match. Who cares. What a horrible build to what will be an okay match. Try to make the Andre the Giant match mean something. I don't care if it is number one contender for the United States Championship. Anything is better then nothing. Usos vs The Dudley Boys could have gotten personal if Naomi was not a bad guy, but for now we need Bubba Ray on the microphone. He is an excellent heel and can really work the crowd. Make us care with a mauling of the Usos backstage or something. Again same thing with Ryback vs Kalisto. I think this will be a good match, but again I don't care about it. I am not invested in either character. The League of Nations vs The New Day can be an okay match, but we have seen it before. The Tag Team Champions need to be beat down again and again until Wrestlemania. The League of Nations need to disrespect the crowd for two weeks straight and get some real heat. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

How has the build for Wrestlemania 32 been?

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