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Three Way Hockey,Key Concepts For All Three Zones

Updated on April 3, 2013

What Is Three Way Hockey Play

Three Way hockey players are great in side all three zones. Witch means they make great decisions and can help their NHL Hockey team win in any situation on the ice. The three zones consist of, Offence, defence,and Middle zone. All three zones are equally important, and each have their pros/cons when it comes to wining a NHL Hockey Game.

Concepts for three way hockey teams, consists of offensive plays with defense plays mixed in with trapping methods in order to trap the other team and steal the puck back.Some teams are great on defence Like NY Rangers,and the Boston Bruins,and other NHL teams like to score, such as the Penguins,and the Chicago Black-Hawks.

Some NHL teams use the Dump-in- Chase method, witch means once that team crosses the red line the player with the puck will dump the puck down the ice and chase it, trying to beat the other team to the puck, Teams Like the Flyers,and the NJ devels where very successful with the Dump-in-Chase method.

In The Offinsive Zone.

When the puck is in the offinsive zones, teams have only one thing in mind, and that is to attack,shoot the puck and score goals. In the offinsive zone players will use propper postioning, to set up surtin plays, these plays are knowen as fore checking plays.There are five different forechecking systems that, NHL Coaches will apply during the games.

Basic Fore-checking systems ( Plays)

The 2-1-2 Forechecking system

The 2-1-2 forechecking system is when the team sends in two players deep in the officnsive zoneto attack for the puck, with the remaingfoward staying high in the zone waiting for the puck to get louse from the corners.

The 1-2-2 ForeChecking System

the 1-2-2 forechecking system conssis of one fore checker, who puts pressure on the puck carrer in the corner, while the two wingers stay high on the boards looking to intercept a pass,and get the puck back.

The 1-4 Forechecking system

The Boston Bruins make this traping forchecking system work very well. This system is a very conservitive forechecking system that gives the illusion of a Deep Forechecking system, but is set up to trap the team with the puck in the center zone.

The 2-3 ForeChecking system

The 2-3 Forechecking system is when a team sends in two fowards, and keeps one high, usaly one of the wingers will stay high,waiting for the puck, this systems gives the forechecking team a high option incase they turn over the puck.

The 1-3-1 Forechecking system

very agrissive forchecking system in witch one defensive men step up with the winger. this allows the forechecking team to send in three players to trap and turn the puck over.

Center Ice Zone

The key concepts of cent ice NHL game plays consists of many different scenarios. Teams have to be able to switch from offence, to defensive quickly, players must have great understanding of puck, and time management, and they must have proper understanding of there on ice surroundings.In the cent ice teams have two main concepts. Are we about to Attack, or defend?

Defensive / Break Out Plays

When a hockey team needs to go on the defensive, side of the puck it is very important that the team is able to adjust to the style of fore-checking system that the other team is utilizing. Most teams use what is known as the 2-3 system in witch the defensive players are able to quickly switch from defense to offence. The 2-3 defense system is great at defending a variety of forechecking systems, and is great for defending teams who switch up there offensive pressure from line to line.

More defensive systems

  • Man to man
  • low zone collapsing
  • half Ice Over Load ( trapping system)

It is important while picking your defensive strategy to know your opponents offensive traits and style of play. Some teams such as the NY Rangers, and the Boston bruins are great on the defensive side of the puck and those NHL teams can solely win games based on their defensive systems and puck trapping plays.

Does Defense Win Championships?

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Around The NHL ( Top Three Way NHL Players)

  • Patrice Bergeron : Boston Bruins
  • Sidney Crosby: Pittsburg Penguins
  • Eric Stall: Carolina Hurricanes
  • Pavel Datsyuk: Detroit RedWings
  • Mike Richards: Los Angles KIngs

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