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Throwing Knives – A Fun Sport

Updated on March 12, 2014

Knife Throwing Tutorial

What comes in your mind when you hear the word throwing knife? Let me guess. Ninjas that jump on rooftops and kill bad people silently with their lightning quick moves and good knife (or shuriken, whichever that ninja prefers) throwing. So ends the bloody business of the day. Well, if you thought this way, that’s fine. But this article will not talk about those ninjas. Instead, this article will discuss the fun of throwing knives as a popular sport.

Here’s a little lesson about this weapon. Did you know that throwing knives has a history and it also has a deep culture? Yes, it does have a history. You can trace up to a hundred years back the rich history of this item.

Most people have seen knife throwing in movies. The protagonist and also the antagonist may know how to throw a knife. The presentation is not that far from its historical past. In the past centuries, knife throwing skills were needed so that a person will survive the battlefield. These days, knife throwing isn’t looked at as a combative type of art. Instead, it is looked at as a competitive type of art. Some people really spend time mastering this art. Others have already mastered it and want to try their skills out. So, knife throwing competitions are made.

The way of the throwing knife sport is not that far from archery or guns in terms of how it is played. In archery and shooting competitions, there are targets to hit. It’s the same with knife throwing. Basically, knives are thrown at targets and the scores are determined on how accurate the knife thrower is. Obviously, he’ll get the highest point possible when he hits the bulls-eye. Some organizers have moving targets to add difficulty to the competition. They even make a contestant run an obstacle course and get to the points where they will throw their knives at certain targets. Watching this type of sport will really amaze people.

Generally, knife throwing has a system that is followed by the contestants. Contestants will use different types of throwing knives, depending on the organizer and the distance between their targets will be pre-determined. This means that a certain type of throwing knife has a specific pre-determined distance. Players will battle it out in this round and so on.

Guides for Knife Throwing

The popularity of this sport is getting higher through time. People with eagle eyes may try this sport out and see if they are good with knife throwing. Of course, when you try this sport out, you need equipment. Start off with Hibben throwing knives. These are great knives that you can use to practice. When you already have the skills, you will want to join the competitions to promote the rich culture of knife throwing. You’ll never know when you can use the skill of knife throwing for your own safety. But, try focusing in looking at knife throwing as a sport and not as a form of life-threatening hobby. Good luck and have fun.


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      This is a very interesting sport. It requires precision and discipline. But the bottom line is you should have fun.