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Thule Bicycle Racks: Best Thule Rack Deals

Updated on December 16, 2010

Thule Bike Rack

Thule bike racks come in many different styles and sizes. Their are racks for SUV, Trucks, Cars, and Vans and many more. The Thule rack is known for their durability and long lasting life that they have. Their are people who have been using their Thule rack for 8 years and have never had a problem with rust, losing a bike and much more. Alot of these hook to the hitch of your car so that it stabilizes it as much as possible, Others hook to the top of your car or the front of your vechiele and can hold usually 2 bikes all the way up to 4 bikes for those family trips that need quick loading of their bikes.  That's why I personally choose Thule Bicycle Racks

Thule Bike Roof Rack

Have a car without a hitch or room on the back then you can add the thule bike rack to the top of your car. This has no effect on your gas mileage because the breeze goes right through the the bikes. The bike roof mounts usually hold two bikes because of limited space on top. These bicycle racks are a great space saver for any kid of traveling. With thule you know that your bike will be safe with no worries and these are easy as cake to set up and install.

Thule Hitch Bike Rack

The 958 Parkway hitch mount bike rack is designed to carry 2 bikes and hooks to the hitch and your vehicle very easily with easy to follow directions.The soft rubber cradles help protect your bike frame from damage while making sure it's tight to the car. The rack is made out of high-strength steel which securely holds your bike to your car.. The Parkway tilts away from the vehicle giving access to cargo in trunks, hatches, and tailgates which is great if you need to remove something from the trunk, which is something you don't find in a lot of the bicycle racks.

Thule Bicycle Trunk Rack

The Thule trunk rack is easy-to-use, the Fit Dial makes the rack a perfect fit and quick install, the exclusive push-button feature lets you fold down the arms on the bike rack to allow you easier access to the trunk. The bicycle rack features cradles that anchor down bikes and cradles them while still allowing complete adjustment along the arm, and the No Sway Cages control the bikes movement so that your bikes won't hit together when their racked up the no sway cage is easily removable for convenience. The Thule Rack provides you with a snug fit to your vehicle with six straps for added holding on your bike for your safety and the bikes. The metallic-silver finish looks great on all vehicles. What's great is the Bike rack weighs only 12 pounds and can hold up to 70 lbs.


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