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Thursday Night Football

Updated on May 31, 2014

TNF on the rise

Back in 2006 more Thursday night games were introduced to the NFL. These games were suppose to bring more games that could be televised by a broader audience. The league needed or wanted more income. I'm not sure if they even considered what the fans and players would think. Isn't there enough football on Sunday and Monday?

Who can remember?

Since TNF now has a routine schedule with the NFL, people still tend to forget games are played on Thursday nights. If you don't have the NFL Network or willing to pay for the channel you're going to miss out on the games! As much as I love the NFL I forget there are games on Thursday. This upcoming season CBS will host the games to reach more homes. These games seem so out of place with the football week. College is for Saturdays and the NFL is for Sundays. This is what we grew up on and it's hard to see it any other way.

Does TNF need a change?

Have you ever wondered how the players and coaches feel about it? Players need time to heal and rest from Sunday's game. Three days isn't long enough for any player who just played to turn around and play again. The quality of the game is down due to this! I like TNF but not for a team who just played Sunday. I have a solution for for TNF! Only teams who are coming off a bye week should play Thursday night to limit injuries and give a longer rest period. Let's make it a different conference game each week to showcase each individual conference. I'm sure the integrity of the game will be better and more people will tune in. We don't need subpar games. Let's get some quality games that are meaningful and fun to watch. If TNF is going to be around hopefully the NFL will make it better!

Will TNF stand the test of time?

Thursday football is here for the 2014 season but will it be a staple in upcoming seasons? I believe it depends on the players, coaches and owners. Players health is very important to each club. Owner won't sit back and let these short weeks continue without a fight. Whatever the NFL decides on TNF let's hope it's about the player and not the pocket!

Do you forget there are NFL games play on Thursday night?

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Should TNF be eliminated from the NFL schedule?

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What has TNF brought to the table!

So far we have had Ceelo and his horrible intro. Subpar games that lack any excitement or anything memorable. Teams look tired and uninterested playing so quickly after just playing on Sunday. Please NFL fix the mess you've created and save the games integrity!

Please leave any ideas or comments

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    • profile image

      mike 3 years ago

      i think this upcoming season is going to have better quality games. we shall see

    • Kevinjackson47 profile image

      Kevin Jackson 3 years ago from North Carolina

      No doubt changes are needed. Hopefully the nfl will hear the fans

    • Beauty language profile image

      Amber Jackson 3 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      TNF def needs some improvement

    • Kevinjackson47 profile image

      Kevin Jackson 3 years ago from North Carolina

      Hopefully the NFL will change the outline of the format

    • BC Messplay profile image

      Thomas Messpaly Jr. 3 years ago from Waukesha, WI

      I agree with you. The games are usually terrible, but if the teams are only playing after a bye week I think that the quality of the games will get better.