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Tiger Woods Needs to Trash the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

Updated on May 12, 2015
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Gary loves sports and has a few insights into golf and baseball. He proves Babe Ruth was the greatest hitter and talks about Willie Mays.

What Kind of Golf Swing Does Tiger Woods Use?

Does Tiger Woods Use Elements of the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing?

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Tiger Woods Old Finish

Photo taken by James Phelps, link provided to his work.
Photo taken by James Phelps, link provided to his work. | Source

Tiger Woods Hurt His Back with the Stack and Tilt

Tiger Woods did not have severe back problems until he took up elements of the stack and tilt golf swing. As he takes the club back he drops the left shoulder. He bends over more and uses the back muscles more. He did this to compensate for a bad knee. But the Tom Lehman swing can avoid both these injuries in my opinion.

I will provide video comparisons to see what Lehman does, old school, to preserve his body. Tiger Woods cannot use the newer type swings, with the leg snap or by going to elements of the stack and tilt because his body will not be able to endure the pain. I watch a lot of golf and I am not a golf instructor. However, it appears that the bad back many predicted when Tiger Woods abandoned his original swing has caused him to remain injured at this point in his career.

Here Is Tiger Woods' Original Golf Swing

Tiger Woods' original golf swing was one that powered through the ball causing the left knee to snap straight. This was the source of additional power. It is a newer swing that requires a very strong knee structure. Here is a video of that swing. You can see that his knee twisted while his left foot remained parallel to his target. This put a great amount of pressure on the knee, but as a young man, he the world's greatest golfer was able to pull it off.

Tiger Woods Old Swing Ending with the Straight Knee

Here Is the Same Swing in 2000, Tiger's Greatest Year in Golf

Here Is a Look at Tiger Woods' Stack and Tilt?

We can now go to Tiger Woods swinging that appears to use elements of the stack and tilt. If someone disputes this please comment in the comment section below. While this swing would likely not be a problem for many occasional golfers, it appears that by being bent over and coming up with the back muscles through the ball could cause more strain for a professional golfer.

Here is a video that seems to support that. It is a video showing the excitement people had in the new swing, as a means of avoiding the bad knee. But you can see the left shoulder drop on takeaway, and the need to power through with the back muscles. That has proved to be problematic for Tiger Woods' golfing career:

Is This a Stack and Tilt New Swing? It Appears to Be

This Video Shows Tiger Is Tilting His Back to Protect the Knee

Let's Look at the Tom Lehman Method

Tom Lehman uses the old style golf swing, which does not require him to snap the left knee at the end of the swing. Tom does not have to use his back because he uses his legs and does not need to throw his hips out, causing the back to have to catch up using back muscles.

Tom Lehman has been virtually injury free because he uses flexible leg action through the ball. Tiger Woods, could, in my opinion, avoid injury by using this method. He could preserve his back and his knee.

Tom Lehman's Golf Swing

Tom Lehman


Here Is the Real Stack and Tilt

The Stack and Tilt as shown by the video below, keeps the weight on the front foot. This may require a change of spine angle. If this spine angle change is not necessary, I hope readers who understand the stack and tilt would comment below.

Stack and Tilt Fundamentals

Tiger Woods and His Goals and Future Swing Choices

The goal of Tiger Woods is to reach Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 major championships or pass the record. He will clearly become the winningest golfer in history, but he will be compared to Jack. If he wins 100 or more tournaments to Jack's 73, then will only having 14-16 majors still establish him as the greatest golfer of all time. That is hard to say. I think it will, but others won't give him the number one spot in their minds.

Tiger has to stay healthy to continue on. He is leaving too much weight on his front side to stop problems with the knee, and yet Tom Lehman has no knee issues transferring his weight from his right side to his left side, using a flexible knee position.

Tom Lehman is a successful golfer with one major and lots of other victories, but he is no Tiger Woods. A question remains if Tiger can generate enough power and be competitive with Lehman's golf swing. Woods may have to be competitive with that swing, as that swing may be his only choice when it comes to being healthy. Apparently he cannot go back to the swing that made him one of the most recognizable figures in sports. If he adopts the old school swing, only time will tell as to his future success.

Tiger Woods has struggled in 2015. His stack and tilt swing, which was analyzed at the Players Championship by David Duval, clearly still has weight on the forward leg through the backswing and foreswing. That means that Tiger is still utilizing the stack and tilt. He has gained some power with it, but little consistency. He has trouble rotating properly with it.

He may have to seriously consider rotating less, and even adopting a Colin Montgomerie swing. He will lose distance but maybe save his back. His back is hurting because of no weight transfer to his back leg using the stack and tilt, although his knee is protected.

If Tiger gives up on a little distance, he will have to work on the putting and chipping, which have been weak. Tiger could be washed up due to injury. I wish that were not the case but I am beginning to have doubts about his golf recovery.


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    • bgamall profile imageAUTHOR

      Gary Anderson 

      5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      It is amazing that a guy like Tommy Gainey can have a swing that works and Tiger doesn't. If Tommy gets hot with the putter he can shoot 60, which he has done.

    • ReviewsfromSandy profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      5 years ago from Wisconsin

      Tiger Woods just isn't the same golfer as he was years ago.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      5 years ago from PNW

      Great analysis. I'm rethinking every aspect of my swing. After 18 holes, my back turns to mush. And I know I'm dropping my shoulder. Thx. Voted up.


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