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Tiger Woods' Nike Ad Insensitive

Updated on March 27, 2013

Tiger Woods' Comeback Good, but Nike Ad is Sad

Tiger Woods spent Presidents' Day playing golf with President Obama and now he has just reclaimed his number one spot in golf. HIs comeback comes after over two years and after his affairs during his marriage to Elin Nordegon were publicized.

I am glad that sports allows people to come back from low points in their careers such as having affairs and losing endorsements, but as a woman, Nike's ad was insensitive. Nike released an ad of Tiger Woods with the words, "Winning takes care of Everything." This ad implies that Tiger Woods' winning streak made up for his indiscretion. I do not think that his winning streak erases his adultery.

The Miami Heat is on a winning streak. Does that mean that if one of the players commit sexual assault and then after two years, start winning again, their murder is taken care of?

Absolutely not. I am glad that Nike supported Tiger Woods and he was allowed to handle his affair privately in the end, but winning does not make marital affairs OK.


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