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Tiger Woods Sat On a Wall, Tiger Woods Had a Great Fall

Updated on December 8, 2009

All the King's Horsemen and All the King's Men..

What a mishap between an SUV and a tree can do to your career and personal life! Just ask Tiger Woods what ball got rolling that day?

With the media clamoring around the Tiger Woods saga do we really need to know all the sordid details? Yes he is a famous athlete but he does have family that is going through a lot right now. I watched a little about it then moved on which will be harder for him and his family to do. The thing is does it really surprise anyone that he is not perfect? I know he has a squeaky clean image at least up until now. But who put him there? Do the media and the fans play a part in making an athlete a role model? Why do we as a society do this? We place Presidents high up on that pedestal and when they fall we get mad or at least some do. Tiger Woods is after all a man, all men and women have faults. If you don’t put them up on a pedestal then it’s not really a big deal if they fall off.

Tiger Woods Accident

TMZ photo of Tiger Woods SUV.
TMZ photo of Tiger Woods SUV.

Couldn't Put Tiger Woods Together Again

With more drama unfolding each day it will be at a few weeks for the turmoil of his now appears to be numerous affairs. Sounds to me like he needs some counseling and so will his wife to get through the mess he has reaped onto their lives. This morning all over the place are headlines about some blond, being rushed from his Florida home to the hospital. It is no surprise that his wife has packed up and moved out.  One cannot blame her for doing this and there is probably a need to get away.  This is a tragedy spinning out of control and I feel sorry for those that will be affected by it. I am hoping that when everything has calmed down that his fans will forgive him. Other celebrities have done worse but they are still around and I sure hope I don’t have to name, names. One does not have to go back far to find some celebrity that has done a no, no!

*Now being reported that the woman is Tiger Woods mother-in-law, Barbro Holmberg and she was complaining of stomach pains.

Tiger Woods Career

Tiger’s full name is Eldrick Tont Woods and he was born on December 30, 1975 in Cypress, California.  Tiger is the only child from the marriage of his parents but has two half-brothers and one half-sister from his father’s first wife.  His nickname Tiger is from a Vietnamese soldier friend of his father who was a Vietnam veteran.  Tiger grew up Anaheim, Orange County California and graduated from Western High School in 1994.  By the time he graduated in 1994 he had been playing golf for 16 years.   

His early golfing career as an amateur was very impressive.  By 1996 he begins his professional career and signed a very nice endorsement deal with Nike.  He played his first round of professional golf and tied for 60th place.  Tiger did manage to win two events over a three month period which qualified him for the Tour Championship.  That year Sports Illustrated named him the PGA Tour Rookie and Sportsman of the Year.  Not too long he won his first major and becoming the youngest Masters winner and the first African American to do so.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods

Can Tiger Woods Be Put Back Together?

The rest is history and now his reputation as a person is in jeopardy. His standing as a great golfer cannot be taken away from him. Tiger did not get it by cheating or doing anything unscrupulous when it came to his sport. Hopefully when it comes down to it, that is what he will be remembered for, his feats on the green and not in his personal life. I truly believe he will be hard on himself for his complete failure as a husband and father. Many that have affairs when they finally get caught feel relieved to stop living a lie. It is just too bad he didn’t get help before this. It is up to his family to reconcile with what he did and to forgive him for his transgressions. At this point women are crawling out of the woodwork claiming to have had an affair with him. At this point the numbers don’t matter the deed has been done. One can hope that the media will at least back down a bit to give this family some space and privacy. I believe that celebrities are created out of the public and the media’s doing, not so much the celebrity themselves. They are just doing a job and for some reason certain professions are gossip and news worthy. It would be nice if somewhere someone would realize that they are people and all people no matter what should have some privacy.

With time he can and will put his life back together.  With this said I hope his wife can heal and move on.  For the sake of their children hope that with time they can have a good working relationship in raising their son and daughter.  When all is said and done it is the children that matter.


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    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 8 years ago

      He is still a great golfer. Of course, to me that's a big "so, what". I agree with what you said, we look in the wrong place for heros.

    • mkott profile image

      Michele 8 years ago from Reno, Nevada


      I think we look in the wrong places for heros. My heros are my parents, grandparents and my great grandmother. I am a former athelete and there are those that I looked up to in my sport, in regards as being an athelete. As for the media it is like they get a hold of something and won't let it go; it's like beating a dead horse. It also seems like many (media,fans, etc.) can not separate the person/celebrity/athelete personal life from their professional life.

    • David R Bradley profile image

      David R Bradley 8 years ago from The Active Side of Infinity

      Two questions here: 1. Are there any hero's left? And 2. Why does the media find it so important to do everything they can do destroy an individual? It's one thing to report the news, but the blatant attempt at complete character assignation is just wrong. I don't approve of his behavior AT ALL, however, I will revert back to the Good Book and say he who is without sin may cast the first stone... JMO