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Tiger in their Tank

Updated on November 5, 2010

It has always amazed me .... high we put sports and entertainment figures (politicians wore out their welcome) on our pedestals of admiration's. One would think, after all of them have fallen off the stool and crashed to the floor, or rather prison, over the years, we would learn that they, even they; are human, have feet of clay, and make mistakes in their life like everyone else.

It's as if they aren't permitted to have a 'wooops moment' in their life after they have succeeded in their stardom. Or they were different people when they strive and struggled, bit their nails and lips, and went without food in taking the steps to reach their goals; now they've changed to somebody else of superman proportions. Or maybe it's simply because people forget. Or we just need these people so much in our 'hum-drum' lives and find someone quickly when the other one 'slipped,' went out of bounds, hit the gutter, went off sides, struck out, broke a string, dropped a brush, or ran out of ink to meet our expectations; no matter how inflated they have become.

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Why is it when these things happen ... our beloved idols, we forget so quickly just how good they were in their craft, their talent, their art or whatever got them noticed and put in the limelight initially. This is what should hold our attention to this special person. How they got to where they are, from where they were. How many times they practice a day? Did they have short term goals or just a main one? Do they use affirmations and what do they use to inspire themselves and stay positively on track. What they can contribute to those who are starting out in their endeavor, so they could have an easier time at it, or judge whether they truly want to put in the effort it takes to succeed in this field.

These are the things that are most important; not who they are sleeping with, or how many. Not if he likes young boys. Not if the gloves fit. Not if he had a bong to his lips. Not if she likes she's or he likes hims. Not who they vote for or endorse. Not what kind of clothes they where or what color they are. What house they live in, in what neighborhood, state or country. All this stuff doesn't matter 'jack shit,' - what does matter, dear follower, is what these people have achieved and the success they have acquired in their career. And what inspiration they can give to their fans to become stars themselves. To give them a push. To spark a fire under them. To put a 'Tiger in their Tank.'


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