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Sports Snapshot: Brent Barry Kisses David Stern and Shaquille O’Neal Challenges Jason Whitlock to a Fight

Updated on November 8, 2012

Tim Duncan Once Paid Brent Barry $100 to Kiss an Embarrassed David Stern

Brent Barry along with his Spurs teammates received their championship rings at the customary pre-game ceremony which started off the ‘05-’06 season. Buzzfeed got a hold of them on October 31 (of this year 2012), and asked what it was like to receive a gold title ring from David Stern. As Buzzfeed reported on Halloween, Tim Duncan chuckled because of a bet he made Brent Barry back in 2005. That bet will probably haunt David Stern for the rest of his life.

“I remember getting a flood of memories standing with my teammates as the lights went out and we prepared to get our rings. The emotions, the excitement, the adrenaline, the nervousness of all of last year’s playoff run to the title were all rolled up into the feelings I had during that moment," Barry told Buzzfeed. He related his overall feeling of satisfaction as the lights dimmed intimately on him and the prize at the podium. For Barry, nothing could beat the overarching feeling of being recognized for all the hard work he put into his performances than with the coveted title ring. "That was the satisfaction," he said.

Suddenly, a mischievous feeling overcame him as he looked at his teammate Tim Duncan who was standing next to him. He asked him what price he would pay to see him kiss David Stern upon getting his ring. He bid $100. He probably wanted to see if he had the balls to follow through on the bet.

And, yes, he had the balls. "As I approached the Commish I felt like I couldn't let my captain down. So after a quick ‘Congratulations Brent’ from David I hugged him and planted one right on his cheek," said Barry who compared Stern's flaky skin to his grandmother's.

Disgusted by the linguering taste, he wiped the tip of his tongue with his fingertips and demanded his $100 from Tim Duncan.

Stern was none too thrilled either. In 2007's pre-game title ring ceremony, Stern pulled him aside in the Spurs' locker room and told him not to pull the same stunt again. "There'll be no more kisses tonight!," were his exact words to Barry. At the ceremony itself, Stern blushed as he approached him.

"Best $100 bucks I ever made...” said Barry.

Shaquille O’Neal Challenges Jason Whitlock to a Fight

It’s easy to imagine Shaq’s fuse lit when someone like FOX sports analyst Jason Whitlock tweets that he’s out of shape for the NBA season as he did on Tuesday when he compared his physique to Charles Barkley’s, his co-host.

As Whitlock wrote, "Right now, Chuck would win Shirt-Off II... Shaq is opening the season out of shape, as usual."

In Shaq style, he wasn’t brushing off the comment, so on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” he challenged him to a fight.

"Jason Whitlock, I tell you what: You can come down here and box me any time you want," Shaq challenged him. “Jason Whitlock, I’ll use one hand, you use two. I’ll get on my knees! Anytime, anyplace. You don’t know who you’re talking to!”

Whitlock, who blogged that Shaq would be disadvantaged in a fight with him because of his superior athleticism, challenged him to a “Shoes and Socks-Off” contest instead.

Who would win a boxing match?

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