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Tim Tebow and the Jesus Hoopla

Updated on January 12, 2012

Ever hear of Tim Tebow? If you are not a football fan, or a Denver Bronco fan, you probably have not. What is exactly all the mania about in the media regarding this quarterback of the Denver Broncos?

Good question. I think people are simply hungry for something different and Tim Tebow is it. You see, for just about everything successful, Tim gives thanks to Jesus Christ first, he may cite some biblical verses, He does this not quietly but out in the open in front of the secular media world when the Denver Broncos win a football game.

For many of the conservatives and right wingers, they just eat this up. It is so refreshing to see a pro football player thank Jesus for whatever in an "in your face" mode, yet politely done. Tim does not bash you about his Christian beliefs like many will. He knows what he believes and that is it. Those who are left wingers, generally are irritated by this same thing. They think someone should not openly praise Jesus for success or have others cite scriptures during a sport event. Tim will say a brief prayer praising the Lord just like a Christian warrior, yet, he is humble about it all.

Tim Tebow is a great QB, no doubt, the all this hoopla on the Internet or media is just so overkill. The odd thing is that one seldom hears such praise when the Denver Broncos lose or the football fails to hit its target. Can you imagine him saying after losing a game, " I want to thank Jesus for allowing the Broncos to lose this game, it will make us stronger".


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    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      What does Jesus have to do with winning? God may not directly intervene in each and every event, however, He did create us and does sustain us. so for that, I think we should all be thankful.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      It does not bother me in the least that he is christian and praises the lord in the media, but what did he say after losing the playoff game?

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Jesus had nothing and has nothing to do with any body winning anything. If you say he does, show me physical proof that he had his hand in it. Its about team work & agility. Jesus doesn't give you that, you learn that on your own. I don't mind christians, I'm one myself, but I don't go and press my religion on someone else that is not accepting of it. And don't go telling me I'm not christian because I asked for proof of his hand in the Branco's winning. Its truly sad to see my fellow christians praise his name when you win and not praise him for a lost game or any let downs. What a bunch of hypocrits you are! I'm ashamed but I'll be praying for you! The fact that you cram the christian religion down peoples throats is what upsets most people. You can force it, the recieveing party has to will it, and the bible says so!

    • profile image

      GiGi777 6 years ago

      Overkill? Tim Tebow is such a humble man. Don't you think he deserves a little admiration from the press? There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with giving Jesus Christ the credit for big wins! He probably wouldn't be as good if it weren't for the help of God! Just chill out... The only hoopla on the internet is YOU!

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Thus us a predominantly Judeo-Christuan nation, and political correctness is destroying it. It is simply a different firm of "jihad. ".

    • Johnjfernando profile image

      jkchandra 6 years ago

      Who hasn't heard of him. Its all over the news from the past week now. I think at the end of the day, he means well by telling people by body language to believe and persevere in life. The whole thing with it being annoying is just the thing the media wants people to bite and make him look like a bad person. It was just yesterday that they tried to criticize him for mocking the good Lord by always posing on one with his head down. Lots of athletes have come and said they pray too, before a big game or event.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      How come it is bad to proclaim Christianity but if he were a muslim he would be on the TV show American Muslim?..............something is amiss here???????

    • michiganman567 profile image

      michiganman567 6 years ago from Michigan

      You are a little off. Why is Tim Tebow hated? Because he was in an anti abortion Superbowl ad. He wasn't really hated at Florida for wearing bible verses on his eye black. Why is he loved by conservatives? The same reason why Sarah Palin was loved, because they were both unjustly attacked by the media and atheists.