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Tim Tebow to the New York Jets Will Be So Fun to Watch

Updated on June 11, 2013
This picture implies that Tim Tebow can throw, but don't worry it's just an illusion
This picture implies that Tim Tebow can throw, but don't worry it's just an illusion | Source

When Manning was first signed by the Broncos I was extremely giddy. No, not because I am a Broncos fan. Not even close. In fact, I despise Denver for multiple reasons. The reason I was giddy was because of the immense potential to watch a real life drama/comedy unfold right in front of my eyes.

Last year, some of us painfully had to watch as Tim Tebow rose to prominence nationwide. Unfortunately it was not for his passing skills despite all of the apologists out there. Mainly it was because Tim Tebow believes God protects him and was the reason he was winning Broncos games. Fallon found it so ridiculous that he spoofed Tim Tebow / David Bowie in a hilarious skit on Late Night (see below).

This was so hilarious that long before Jimmy Fallon spoofed it, there were those of us trying to be a voice of reason. This didn't sit to well with the Tebowmaniacs who were fervent in his defense. Regardless many of us stood strong in the defense that there was no defense for Tim Tebow's football skills.

Yet, the Broncos made the playoffs and actually won a game. When Tebow actually threw for over three hundred yards (316 to be exact, of course a sign from God) his supporters went nuts even though his performance wasn't very impressive at all.

Then came the Patriots and a real quarterback in Tom Brady. I predicted a 41 to 17 romping the week before while receiving rabid responses from fans and of course the score turned out very much that way. the Patriots got the memo and thumped the Broncos. 45-10 was the final score. Although, I guess I gave the Broncos offense too much credit by thinking they would score 17 points.

Tim Tebow's miracle run was over and the off season had arrived albeit a few weeks later than expected. Tebow swore he would be working on his passing game and getting better while Broncos fans swore he would be a much better starter in Denver next season. That was when I had to send a reality check and predict that he would not be a starter in three years or less and was merely an NFL fad (see below).

In walked Peyton Manning and I was ready to put in a push for a real time reality show. Hell, we could have made it a UFC fight. Manningacs, as I dubbed them, vs. the Tebowmaniacs. This would have been such great reality TV. They could have even duked it out in a real life cage match. The winner between the two gets to start that given week. Isn't that just a splendid idea? I thought so.

Unfortunately, for me, Elway and John Fox must have owned stock in the rival network that was going to air my instant hit of a show because they squashed my original idea in one swift move less than 24 hours into my plans. Fortunately for me, they couldn't have picked a more ridiculous landing spot for Tim Tebow the player (or lack thereof).

At first he almost landed in Jacksonville, where he could have returned to the south and Florida, something he publicly said he would like to do. Then, in comical fashion, his wishes were sacked and he was sent to the frigid north east and the New York Jets!

Could this be any more perfect? I really couldn't imagine a more appropriate landing spot. I mean, with his arrival, now Rex can get his 4th title in his four years as head coach. Even better, Tebow who went from one major quarterback controversy situation has been traded to place where he will endure an even greater one.

Now the Jets have three passers mired in mediocrity, which makes it even more of a controversy. Stanton was signed just a few days prior to be the back up to Mark Sanchez, now he may or may not be holding the clipbaord. Tim Tebow, who can run, but not pass will be vying with Mark Sanchez who can't run an offense and whom the Jets should have passed on.

Maybe we will even get a running back controversy to boot. Like Brian Urlacher said of Tim Tebow, "He's a great running back". I can already hear it now. If the controversy hasn't already started in New York, I wan't to have the media's press passes revoked.

Plus can I tell you how hiarious it is to imagine Rex Tebowing there at mid field after each win? I'd pay money to see that. Better yet, he and Tebow can do it together after each loss, since they will need to pray to the football gods for help in 2012.

Now, Rex is almost guaranteed NOT to win a championship. In fact, could there be a more perfect fit? Rex the loudmouth, with Tebow the preacher in the most hyped and unfriendly media city in the world! This is going to be oodles and oodles of fun.

Then there are the side effects to the trade. The biggest possible casualty? The Tim Tebow jersey. It was the number one selling jersey in the NFL. Now, he could possibly be a back up. They will have to possibly produce two quarterback jerseys for the Jets while one of them sits on the sideline in order to protect their sales. And what about the thousands of Broncos jerseys with Tebows name on the back still sitting on the shelf? What will happen to those? Will they be donated to poor children around the world? Hell, they don't usually even print back up quarterback jerseys. They may have to in this case. This is too funny.

But, not even as funny as the thought of another clinical disorder entering New York. There were already people who were suffering from a newly discovered disorder known as LINsanity, now there will people coming down with a form of mania known as Tebowmania, which is spreading at a rapid rate from Denver where they apparently found a cure. Wait! My reality show plans aren't ruined after all, we can still hold cage matches between the two psychotic players fan bases. Is New York big enough? It did hold both the Empire State building and the World Trade Center at one point, but this may even be too big for the Big Apple. This will be so good!

It gets even better though. Then there is this guy...

Thank your lucky stars you are not this guy.
Thank your lucky stars you are not this guy. | Source

He is not the only one. There were multiple people who last season got Broncos related and non related Tim Tebow tattoos that donned their body in various shapes sizes and colors.

How stupid do they feel right now? Now they have an opposing player tattooed all over their bodies. At least when the Jets come to town once every few years, they can still go shirtless to a game. Plus, I wonder how long it will take a bunch of idiotic Jets fans to follow suit and tattoo this guy's name and/or likeness all over their gangrene infested bodies.

All and all this whole thing is just too funny for words. Rex, the media, Tebow, Sanchez, an already disfunctional team, silly tattoos, God, and a major lack of talent. This will be so fun to watch. I can't wait!


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    • kjrzeek1 profile image

      kjrzeek1 6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I am very interested how quickly the Jets fans will be chanting Tebow when Sanchez throw 2 ints in a game! Tebow is great and it is impossible not to wish the best for him! Good Hub!

    • profile image 6 years ago from Vancouver / Bangkok

      So much pressure on Mark Sanchez ... the only hope for the poor guy is that The Jets play well right away and he keeps winning games, he won't be afforded much room for error. I don't think Tebow is going to come to the Jet's rescue if Sanchez plays poorly, I think it has the potential to be a huge disaster for the Jets

    • TravelinAsia profile image

      TravelinAsia 6 years ago from Thailand/Southeast Asia

      Oh man .. that is one ugly tattoo! By the way, you begin that article saying Manning was traded, he actually signed as a free agent, obviously you knew that .. but you might want to change the wording in the first sentence.

    • KeithJK profile image

      Keith James Kennedy 6 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

      I'm excited also for the madness, but I'm already annoyed with all of my favorite ESPN shows covering this and only this. There was so much hype with the bounty investigation and where Manning would go...then Tebow won every headline and conversation. Still though, touchdown or fumble, Tebow has 10 million souls to save.

    • coachmiller13 profile image

      coachmiller13 6 years ago from Florida

      Great take on the Tebow hysteria. Thumbs up! Can't wait for the Jets first three and out. NY media is going to have a field day.

    • WindMaestro profile image

      WindMaestro 6 years ago from Rhode Island, United States

      Its funny because now the Jets have 2 quarterbacks that won't win them a Super Bowl. They might as well see if they can call up Brett Favre from retirement.