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Tim Tebow to the Patriots Proves If There is a God He is Playing a Sick Joke On Me

Updated on June 12, 2013
Tim Tebow signs with the most unlikely team, the New England Patriots.
Tim Tebow signs with the most unlikely team, the New England Patriots. | Source

Was this a good move by the New England Patriots?

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Uhm, I'm shell shocked. Is it April Fool's Day? Nope. Does my most favorite twisted buddy own the Patriots while putting out fake press releases just to make me urinate in my shorts? Nope. It's true? OH MY GOD!!!

I have been the biggest Tim Tebow critic in the world, writing article after article, first way ahead of the curve about how Tebow was an NFL fad like the "Wild Cat" or the "4-6 D". Not only that, but I had a field day when both Manning was signed and when Tebow was traded to the Jets as both produced comedy, fodder, and great analysis all rolled into one.

I didn't need to worry. No way the Patriots would ever sign this untalented sack of prayer. Not to mention the circus that comes with him. Oh and anyone who had the misfortune to see him on the field last year, regardless of whether the Jets and their play calling staff is incompetent (which they probably are), saw this guy stink it up like an unburied corpse. Even when he was in Denver and "won", he stunk. Period.

The only thing I can think is that they are going to either see if they can fix his mechanical problems (which are MANY and which I doubt), convert him to another position (which is possible), or simply bring him into camp so Belichick can analyze him and then eventually cut him.

The good news is that every player Josh McDaniels coached in Denver who has been "brought in" because he "knows the system" has been an utter failure, from Brandon (I like to trip over my own two feet after catching ball) Lloyd, or Spencer Larsen, and now hopefully Tebow.

I really can't see this guy making the final 53 man roster as a wasted third quarterback spot, when they have a supposedly talented back up in Mallett and other players like Edelman who were college quarterbacks and could play the position if pressed into duty.

It's not that I don't like the guy. What I don't like are his football skills, the circus that comes with him, or his "holier than thou" act. After trying to digest this, all I can say, besides eww, is, I PRAY this ends, quickly!

Do you think Tebow will make the Patriots final roster?

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This sums it up...

This depiction expresses many people's thinking on this subject.
This depiction expresses many people's thinking on this subject. | Source


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