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Time for Brad Haddin to step aside for Matthew Wade

Updated on February 2, 2012
Brad Haddin
Brad Haddin | Source
Matthew Wade
Matthew Wade | Source

In a move that was similar from when Ian Healy stepped aside to make way for the younger Adam Gilchrist, it may be time for Brad Haddin to step aside for the younger Matthew Wade. As good as Healy was, everyone can't play on for forever and it turned out to be the right time.

In a way these two situations are very similar, when Healy started making way for Gilchrist, he was firstly dropped from the ODI side and then the tests a bit later on, at this present time, Wade is the preferred keep for the 20/20's and most likely the ODI's now. If Wade continues to show the kind of form that he did against the Indians at the 20/20 at ANZ stadium on wednesday night, the selectors are going to find it very hard to leave Wade out of the side.

The thing that will be most concerning Haddin is his own form, so far this summer he has not shown great form with the gloves with fumbling some simple takes and dropping some simple catches, in addition to that his batting has not been at the level it should be since the ashes last year, he has averaged well below 30 in the past year and has got out numerous times to reckless shots. Wade on the other hand is averaging over 40 at first class level which is a very healthy average for a wicket-keeper batsmen and his glove work the majority of the time looks superior to Haddin's.

The man who looked to be Haddin's understudy is Tim Paine but with Paine's finger injury continuing to be a problem for the whole Australian summer it appears that Wade has jumped Paine in the pecking order, in addition to that is more bad news for Paine with some experts suggesting that his wicket-keeping aspect of his career is over which would be a tragedy, though Wade is more than ready to step up. Wade is still only 24 and would fit in well with Australia's next generation of cricketers ready to take Australia to the top again.

So I believe that it will only be a matter of time before Haddin steps aside, I suspect the 2013 ashes will be Haddin's final campaign as it probably will be for Ricky Ponting and Michael Hussey, either way Haddin has been a great servant for Australian cricket and a more than capable replacement after Adam Gilchrist, that should not be forgotten.


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