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Learn To Teach

Updated on January 19, 2016

Teacher Training Information

YogaWorks is a world recognized yoga instructor training program; they offer 200 and 300 hour teaching credentials so that you might improve your practice and offer to teach yoga as well.

As I sit in the computer lab amidst the high-energy free fitness class offered to low-income college students and community members I admire my colleague's teaching style. The upbeat music is enhanced by the rigorous activity, and the instructors paced shouts of insight add to the students recovery plateaus allowing them to transcend their personal limitations in the moment and to push their bodies to higher extremes.

Teaching allows you to note for your students those insights that might not occur in that moment. With physical activity, instruction in bettering your practice offers at times an immediate release that not only helps you feel good now but for years to come.

Instruction in how to be a good instructor for physical activity gives you the ability to further your knowledge of injury prevention. The training allows you to give more to students whom you offer the service of learning to help themselves, and this gives you great opportunity to learn yourself how to better your own moment-to-moment joy and gratitude to your practice.

The insights into the benefits of the teacher trying are countless and I cannot wait to start in less than a month the five month weekend format two hundred hour teacher training program! Good luck to you in finding your own improvements in bringing your excitement with physicality to as many students of movement that you might access this lifetime; stay psyched!


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