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Tina Maze

Updated on October 24, 2015

New world record - more than 2000 FIS points

On 2. March Tina Maze won downhill in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and scores another 100 FIS points. With this, she had 2024 FIS points what is more than previous record of 2000 points won in one season by Hermann Maier.

Tina Maze - silver madel in Giant slalom in Vancouver 2010.
Tina Maze - silver madel in Giant slalom in Vancouver 2010.

Tina Maze was born in Slovenj Gradec in Slovenia in 2.5.1983.

Tina Maze is famous slovenian alpine skier and she compete in all alpine disciplines: slalom, giant slalom, super G and downhill. She won 7 races of World Cup series, 6 of them in Giant slalom and one in Downhill. She is one of the six athletes who were able to won in all disciplines and one of the three, who made it in one Season.

Downhill victory was special, because she had staring number 47. highest starting number ever to won a downhill.

In 2009 she also won the race in Maribor - Pohorje, before the home crowd. The race is called Golden Fox.

Tina Maze was even nominated for title Woman of the year 2009 in Slovenia.

Olympic games in Soči were very successfull for Tina Maze. She won gold medal in downhill (together with Dominique Gisin) and gold medal in Giant slalom.

Tina Maze - My way is my decision

Tina Maze shows her bra - "Not your business"
Tina Maze shows her bra - "Not your business"

Tina Maze shows her bra

After the race in Bad Kleinkircheim - Austria- in super G, where Tina won second place, the Swiss team protested against ZTina Maze's underwear. They said, that her panties are illegal as they are made of plastic. But International Ski Federation gave Tina go-ahead but at the same time recommended not to use it.

On the next race - in Cortina d'Ampezzo - Tina Maze won third place in Super G. After the Race she commented the decision of International Ski Federation on her own way. She opened her sport clothes and showed her bra where it was written "Not your business". A brave and funny move. Bravo Tina.

Tina Maze - message with her bra

Tina Maze shows her bra

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Tina Maze
Tina Maze

Tina Maze - win in St. Moritz

Tina Maze wins Giant slalom in Maribor

Tina Maze has won Giant slalom at the 45 Golden Fox in Maribor under the Pohorje.

She was second with tarting nuber 20 after the first run. But in the second run she overtook Danies Karbon (she was first after the first run) and won her seventh World Cup win. Third place on the podium was for Kathrin Hoelzl, she climbed one place in the second run.

Below, you can see the video of Tina Mazes run on Pohorje.

Tina Maze - World cup win


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    • Petra Skarja profile image

      Petra Skarja 6 years ago

      I don't like her attitude but she is very good sportswomen.