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Tips For An Aspiring Track Runner

Updated on January 23, 2016

Do You Wanna Run Faster? or Run Longer? Well These Tips and Tricks are Just For You!

So, you want to improve your performance on the field? Well your in luck! These are my personal tips and tricks that i guarantee are going to work.

I have been running track for six years and i'm still running till this day. These methods have helped me and they should help you as well.

Method 1: Don't Drink Too Much water or Excessive amounts. When trying to refresh yourself try to take small sips and a 2-3 sec sip in between, this will increase stamina and energy overall and decrease you reliance of water.

Method 2: Run Against The Wind. I know this is probably the most obvious method but,wind resistance is key, your body will fight the wind making you run slower but, your pushing your body in turn,you'll will run faster when wind is absent.

Method 3: Sprint and jog at intervals. This method both increases speed but, stamina exponentially. Doing this is simple:Run as fast as you can and begin to slow down and jog, and then sprint again and jog once more.Just Rinse and repeat.

Final Method: Change how you breath when running. Most runners breath out their mouths, but your nose is your best friend in this situation. When you breath out your mouth while running erratic breathing is increased and air flow is decreased, while your nose regulates air flow and breathing is more controlled.

Well, that pretty much raps up my methods and i hope they assist you when running!


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