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Tips For Injuries/Sickness When In The Wild

Updated on September 15, 2017

When thrusted into a survival scenario you might not know what to do and there is a good chance that you might get hurt, here are some ways to help when injured.

Cuts/Impalement: You can get a cut from a multitude of things, sharp rocks or by falling down. Either way it can hurt you and cause problems. When cut what you want to do is to try and put pressure on the wound with a clean cloth, see if you can get the wound above the heart so not as much blood will go to it and let it have some time to clot. Rinse it off with some clean water, don't scrub because you might end up making it bleed again. Once clean you can use clean cloth or bandages, even most types of moss will help keep the wound covered. Just make sure to switch the moss out every time you clean the wound or use a new bandage.

If impaled by an object it is advised to leave the object in place, try to dress the wound around the object. If pulled out it could cause it to bleed more. Your best chance is to dress the wound and try to quickly find a professional to get the foreign object out.

Broken Bones: A broken bone in the wilderness is no joke, it could make a easy survival scenario into a deadly one in a split second. If a leg or arm is broken try to set it, carefully move the broken leg or arm back into its normal position, so not bent backwards so to speak. Try grabbing the part that isn't broken that should help alot more. Once reset back into its normal position try applying a splint, two straight or flat objects or something similar should work as well as some rope or string, the pieces need to be able to keep the broken bone in place. Try to secure it enough to where it won't move. For an arm it is the same, if you can create a cradle for your broken arm, a unused shirt could work. Tie to ends of it together and place on around the neck, the other side should be low enough to where you can put your arm in it comfortably so it won't move as much.

Burns: Whether it be from a hot cup of coffee or a fiery building burns are unpleasant, the best way to deal with them is by not getting one. But if it is inescapable find some cold running water, a stream or river will work as long as it is cold. Placing the hand in the cool water shall help a bit, burns have also been known to make a person dehydrated so keeping water close to you at all times is important. If the pain is too much try to hurry to a hospital or local Walgreens, your best bet will be to get some burn ointment and some pain killers.

Poison: There are several plants and things that can poison you, many unwary adventurers will sometimes consume something they think is safe to eat but get poisoned by it. Your best bet is to not eat anything, besides animals or fish that you can catch. Chances are not good for you if you eat the wrong thing, sticking to hunting small animals will help better your chances of survival. Unless you positively absolutely know what it is don't eat it, even if you do don't eat it. You can catch fish by creating a four pronged spear or by creating a trap with a net, or make snare traps and others for smaller animals. If poisoned chances are you won't be able to get to a doctor in time, so just try and stick with mammal flesh.

Flu/Fever/Cold: Being sick in the woods is not good, you won't have alot of strength in order to go out and catch food. For a flu and cold you will need to stay warm, bundling up in alot of clothing or by constantly being by a fire will help, making a few traps and waiting will help make sure you do not expend alot of energy tracking something down. Making sure you have alot of fluids is also important, making a water catcher out of a container or by bowling water will help. Staying dry is also needed so having some shelter is a must, you need to make sure you get enough rest or you'll end up worse then you were before you went and got down with the sickness.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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