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Tips To Have In Survival Scenarios

Updated on July 26, 2017

In your life you might come to a spot in life where you must fight to survive, while it might not be a fully life or death situation these tips can help when needed.

Tip 1, Pack a survival kit. Having a survival kit will not only help when it is needed but also lessen the fear if ever put into one, you'll already have the supplies needed to help you reach safety. Bandages, a compass, a knife, you should try and have the essentials first but have some extra things in there if you think you will need them.

Tip 2, Navigation. There are several ways to navigate when in the wild, here are a few to help. Navigating by the sun is fairly easy, just know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, checking which side the sun is going can help seeing which way is which. Following which way a river goes can help you find a open body of water, since most rivers lead into the ocean you will be able to find the source and make your way from there, you could be closer to civilization then you realized.

Tip 3, Water. In any survival situation water is one of the most important things you will need, that along with food and shelter as well as keeping safe. In most cases water will need to be boiled before fully safe, however drinking water from trees leaves or capturing rain water can also be a good way to get water. Also if in a snowy environment eating snow to stay hydrated is a bad idea, since its cold your body will use much needed energy in order to heat it up, it would be better to boil it or put in a container and wait for it to melt first.

Tip 4, Brushing your teeth. If you are believe you might be in a survival scenario for awhile you will need to brush your teeth to keep them clean. If no toothpaste is available chewing on sap would help, also chewing on a fibrous twig once the bark is taken off can clean your teeth rather well. Chewing sap will get all those hard to reach things out of your teeth, making sure that you keep your teeth in good shape will help if you want to eat.

Tip 5, Shelter. If you once again find yourself in a long survival episode a shelter will be needed, many experts say that building a shelter with a warm bed is more important then one with a roof. If sleeping on just the ground the floor will absorb much needed heat, creating a shelter with a bed to keep the floor from taking your body heat will be more important. If you have time you can also create a roof. Using piles of leaves or bushy branches will work well for a bed as well as a liner for your wall to keep the wind out. Making sure to put some room between you and the floor is important, also making sure the branches you use aren't poison oak is also important.

Tip 6, Creating fire. Fire is a necessity when in the wilderness, it will keep your body heat up and will help with other things like cooking food and boiling water. You will need some kindling, dry moss or leaves have been said to be the best for this. You can create a fire by slamming to rocks together to make sparks, make sure that you do it in a way that the sparks hit the kindling. You can also make a fire by rubbing two sticks together, if a shard of glass or anything that can reflect light is around that can be used to ignite a spark as well. Or you know, a lighter could work too. Once a spark is made it is important to make sure it does not go out, setting sticks around it like tepee will help make sure enough air gets in to make it grow. Having a flint and steel will also help.

Tip 7, Dealing with bears. Bears are some mean guys and not as cuddly as teddy bears make them seem, they are dangerous. Grizzly Bears will attack if threatened, some experts say standing your ground then going into the fetal position will help. As for black bears you will need to make yourself seem as big and loud as possible, wave your arms around and scream, open your jacket or have a friend that might be with you get close to look bigger. Your best bet however is to try and avoid them entirely, however do not run, you will never out run a bear.

Tip 8, Finding food. Can be tricky when in a survival scenario, unless you already hunt or know what is safe it will be hard to find things to eat. A good suggestion is to not eat any berries or nuts that you might find,your safest bet would to try and catch fish or any other animals that might be around.

Tip 9, Creating tools. A good way to survive is to know how to create tools, unless your already packed a spear or axe in your survival kit you might have to make one. You can fashion a spear by using a rock, or something with a slight edge to carve a point onto the end of a sturdy stick. A four pronged spear can also be made which would be good for fishing, cutting the end of a flexible stick and having four points will help, each should be about six inches in length. Using a small stick or rope once the prongs are made will help keep it in place.

Tip 10, Staying safe. This could mean by carefully maneuvering around the area you are in or staying away from dangerous plants or animals, you are in the wild. Depending on the area you are going a variety of things can happen, try reading up on survival things from time to time to keep yourself up to date with the latest things.


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