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Tips for Crappie Fishing at Night

Updated on August 11, 2010

Tips for Crappie Fishing at Night

Crappie fishing is constantly rising in popularity. This is because it is fun to catch this fish and you will surely enjoy it. A lot of beginners are not aware of the fact that the best time to catch crappie is during nights as that is when they are really active. Much more success can be gained through crappie fishing at night. As you definitely figured out, you need to have some changes in the routines that you normally do during the day when you are night fishing. Let us analyze the facts that have to be known when you are crappie fishing at night.

Nightime fishing for crappie will bring in a need for you to use rigs with 2 hooks for more efficiency. You will often catch double headers. Fishermen have to be attentive and find brushes or different rock structures near the shores. The reason is that this fish really loves to stay near structures. You can locate them near brush, docks, underwater weeds and rocks. Always remember that ice fishing at night should be done with the aid of taking references or even using GPS. Although crappie do not often change locations, finding them at night under ice can be really difficult for most people.

You will need a set of extra items that can be really useful in night crappie fishing. For starters, you will need to have a couple of flash lights and also a lantern. Most fishermen also use lights that can be attached to the hats. The line that you have needs to be watched at all times. You might also want to buy a good illumination device you can easily submerge. In order to keep your bait from dieing you should also buy an air pump. Even the cheaper ones are really good. Crappie is one fish that will focus on its senses for feeding purposes. This means that by using chumming in a combination with the underwater illumination you will get dozens of fish around you. All you have to do is wait and then take them out. Crappie fishing at night is not at all difficult. Just pay attention and use the tips above and you will surely catch a lot of these tasty crappie fish.


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