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Tips for Novice Snowboarders

Updated on March 5, 2014

Dress in Wicking Clothing

The outer-layer should be wind-resistant, the inner-layer should be pleasant against the skin.

Dress in Layers

If it gets warmer/colder on the mountain, you could adapt.

Trim Your Toenails

Otherwise, when you ride on the front edge, the nails will push inside, and by noon you won't be able to continue riding.

Carry a Funny-Pack/Small-Backpack

In it put - water (in non-breakable/uncrushable bottle), sunscreen, lip-balm, tissues, sunglasses, short screwdriver to tighten bindings' screws, spare bindings' screw, snowboard lock, power bars. Optional: food, warm headgear (to use under your helmet).


Use a leash

When not in a flat terrain, make sure one of the first steps you take when putting on your board is fastening the leash to your front leg.


Using chair-lifts:

unless site personnel specifically prohibit it, have your board fastened only to your front leg. This means when you meet the snow at the end of the lift-run, you could slide out of the way of the next chair, and then find a convenient place to fasten both legs to the board. Use the ride time on the lift to re-apply sunscreen/lip-balm, drink (and eat).


Using drag-lifts (e.g., T-bar lifts):

Note that some of them give quite a kick at the start of the journey (they may even propel you through the air for some distance).
If you're not experienced in using these lifts, watch more experienced boarders usage before trying them yourself.

Keep your elbows close to your torso

This way, your arms will be close to your body while riding, which means that you will have the option to stretch your arms away from the body if you need to for balance or angular momentum. If you ride with your arms away from the body, you'd lose that option.

Any other tips are welcome

Please add your tips in the comments below, and indicate if you'd like your name mentioned in case I add your tips to the above.


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