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What can you do for holiday in Berlin,Germany - Canoeing and kayaking trip. Water sports in Berlin

Updated on April 20, 2012
You can do kayaking and other water sports in Berlin
You can do kayaking and other water sports in Berlin

Berlin is one of the beautiful places in Europe where you can have a wonderful vacation. Even though Berlin is famous for museums and history, there are several other things you could do in Berlin. In this article, I try to explain how and where you can go forcanoeing in Berlin. I have also attached a music video of one of my canoeing trip.

One of the place where you can do cannoing in Berlin is inErkner. It is about 20 km south east of city center. It will take 30 minutes from city center (Alexander platz) if you go there by regional express (long distance train). Train ticket costs 2.10 euro. If you go by S-bahn (local train) it takes 10 minutes more. But in both case the station you have to get down is Erkner.

Once you get out of the station to the main road you would see a supermarket called 'Netto'. When you go straight, you will cross a bridge. The shop where you can buy all the canoeing stuffs are on your right.

The price of the boat and other details you can gethere.On the way you can see a bird sanctuary. You will also see an island on the way, where you can get down and have a small picnic or go for swimming. Wish you a nice trip toBerlin. Check out the my pictures from the canoeing.


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