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Tired Of Hurting When You Ride Your Bike? Say Hello To A Recumbent!

Updated on October 15, 2015

When you think about going for a bike ride, does it really rock your boat? Does it really get your juices flowing? Well, probably not, if you're thinking about the typical diamond frame bike.

It’s that bike that nearly everyone has hanging from the rafter in the garage. You know the one. The same one you have, that you get out on Memorial Day, July 4th or Labor Day for a quick spin around the block. Your neighbor down the street has one too. After about 5 laps it starts to hurt, and you know where. Then it's back to its well reserved place hanging from the rafter again. Why is that?

Aside from the fact the seat is uncomfortable after about 15 minutes, and that the legs are not in real good shape, it's possible there aren't many other reasons. So the key word here is comfort! Right? Come on fess up! If it's not comfortable and hurts, what's the fun in that! So what's the point here? Thought you'd never ask.

Would you ride a bike that IS comfortable for more than 15 minutes? Would you ride for 30 minutes, or and hour if it didn't hurt you know where? If your legs could actually pedal for that long, would that get your attention? All right! That’s what this is talkin’ about!

Welcome to the wonderful World of Recumbents. Recumbent bikes, in all shapes and sizes. OK, OK. What the heck is a Recumbent Bike? If you want the formal definition you won't get that here. The informal translation of recumbent would be "laid back." You know, like in a lawn chair.

No, not lying down like to go to sleep. It's like sitting on a lawn chair, so you have something to lie back against. That south bound part of the north bound anatomy has a nice, big, soft, broad seat to sit on, instead of that little "sliver" of a thing that just begs to make you uncomfortable.

Got your attention so far? Great! Now, envision that instead of your pedals being directly underneath you, they are out in front of you. Like sitting down to drive a car. Got that? See yourself in that position? "On a bike," you ask? Get ready for a whole new experience on a recumbent!

This will be the most comfortable bike ride you could imagine. You can’t ride one of these without a smile from ear to ear. Being able to look around, enjoying all nature has to offer as you ride by, will be an absolute shock that anything could possibly be so comfortable and relaxing! Too good to be true? It gets better.

Ready? OK! Just click on this link; How many of these have you seen? What's on your mind? Think someone will laugh at you? Would riding a bike like this make you feel weird? What if it made you feel wild and wonderful?

Remember the question posed earlier, "Would you ride a bike that IS comfortable for more than 15 minutes? Would you ride for 30 minutes, or and hour if it didn't hurt you know where? If your legs could actually pedal for that long, would that get your attention?” Well, would that get your attention?

So, has this got you thinking yet? Would you be more inclined to ride any bike if it was comfortable? If you could have fun going to the store, getting some exercise, taking a ride with your gang or significant other, wouldn't you do it more often? Of course you would. Who wouldn't? Don’t you do things because you enjoy them, or you don't do them. Right?

AND, if you knew it was a healthier less stressful way to get exercise or just have fun, that would be like the icing on the cake! As for someone who would laugh because you're doing something different, seems like the laugh might be on them.

Speaking of exercise, what a great way to get some. Think about it. Do you realize you'll be riding with your back fully supported? Your feet and legs will be in front of you, not under your body weight. Rather than pushing against your own weight, you'll be using your gluteus max and pushing with your hips while supported by the seat back.

Moving two or three times your body weight with your leg power and something to support your back and hips is all about the seat on a recumbent. In other words, less effort but the same physical benefit. Now how bad can that be!

Those who ride recumbents know the difference. Just ask anyone you see on one. It’s almost guaranteed they’ll stop and tell you. You see more and more every year. For two years running recumbents have outsold road bikes! Imagine that. If you would like to know of a location in your area just Google recumbents, and watch the page fill up with websites!

See if there is a shop in your hometown or a recumbent bike dealer. There may be someone close by that would offer a ride on theirs. Most recumbent owners are passionate about the recumbent bike and letting others know how great it is to "get bent!" As friend Jose Hernandez sez, "Getting bent is never having to say you're sore!"

A Homebuilt Recumbent!



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