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Titans win and in?

Updated on December 29, 2017

Titans Vs Jaguars

Hey guys, I actually just got back from Nashville from the previous Titans game. There were some good some bad and ugly to take away from that game. They played a tough game against likely the NFL's MVP. They gave up too many explosive plays to him, but really the loss came down to failure to convert in the redzone early in the game if they did that and made all the field goals. The Titans would of still won the ball game. Alright enough about last week this is win or go home. The first time this year the Titans soundly defeated the Jaguars on the road. This game is not going to have the same feel off it is going to be a tight ball game.

Why The Titans can win the ball game.

First even without DeMarco Murray they have a great defense that is underrated. Last week they got a forced fumble for recovered touchdown against the Rams. Secondly they still have Derrick Henry who is an elite back out of the backfield. He may not have the hands of Murray or the blocking ability, but as a pure runner I would actually give the advantage to Henry who is the younger bigger back. If Marcus Mariota can get any kind of rhythm at quarterback and gets protection they will can win this ball game just like the first time.

Why the Jags can win the ball game.

Leonard Fournette.... A lot of guys have him high up on their fantasy rosters for fanduel and draft kings this week. Even as good as the Titans defense has played most of the season they have been known to give up some big plays to elite backs and Fournette is that. A lot like Mariota, Blake Bortles has struggled as of late in fact probably even worst giving up 3 interceptions.

What I think will happen.

I think that its going to be very tight. I think the Titans have a better defense and win the turn over margin. Combine that with home field advantage.I have the Titans by a field goal.

Titans 24 Jags 21

© 2017 Tyler Parker


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