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Tom Brady "The Final Chapter?"

Updated on March 15, 2017

The Final Chapter

Tom Brady “The Final Chapter?”

Tom Brady is set to return for another season in the NFL. 2017 will mark his eighteenth season as the Quarterback for the New England Patriots. He will also turn forty years old this August. Tom has many records throughout his career. In 2016, Tom was suspended for the first four games of the season because of his alleged knowledge of “Deflate Gate”. Despite missing the first four games, Tom still passed for 3,554 yards, with 291 completions, 28 touchdowns, and a completion percentage of 67.4. He went on to win Super Bowl LI which he led the Patriots back from the biggest deficit any team has ever faced in a Super Bowl. His performance in the Super Bowl is unmatched. He threw for 466 yards, 43 completions, on 62 passing attempts and two touchdowns. All those stats except for the touchdowns are Super Bowl single game records.

The 2016 season, for Tom Brady, was a story book ending for a stellar career. I do not think you could have written a better suited ending than the 2016 NFL Season for Tom Brady. After the Super Bowl, everyone sort of thought that Tom would retire. Why Not? He holds too many records to count. He has five Super Bowl rings and that come back in the Super Bowl was epic. Shortly thereafter, Tom announced he will play in 2017. Tom actually believes he can play two maybe three more years. With nothing left to prove, why should he return. No one could imagine that he could ever have a more perfect finish than last year. So, why?

I will tell you why. Tom is a competitor. He is a winner. He is a professional and he is still playing at the top of his game or anyone’s game. It is not like Peyton Manning’s last year of his career. Even though Peyton won a Super Bowl, he was not the catalyst for the win. Peyton’s numbers were a shell of what his usual season totals were. Tom is still breaking records. Tom stays in phenomenal shape. Finally, Tom can push his current career stats and records to the point they would be almost untouchable. It is almost unheard of for a quarterback in the NFL to play for as long as Tom has played and still perform at the level that Tom is playing. He still has that desire to be the best. Most importantly he is still having fun. That is why he is coming back.

Now his football story will be like a novel with two endings. There is the first ending, the 2016 season, which he had a fairytale ending. Then there is the one that still needs to be written, the 2017 Season. It will be easy to say if Tom does not have a great season or he gets injured, that he should have retired after the 2016 season. The Patriots has started this off season with a bang. They have undoubtedly had one of the best free agencies that an NFL team could ever have. They have resigned D’onte Hightower LB, signed CB Stephon Gilmore, acquired WR Brandon Cooks and TE Dwayne Allen, and they have signed RB Rex Burkhardt. The Patriots have reloaded for another Super Bowl campaign. The Patriots still have the 2017 draft to add talent. What if? What if, Tom goes out and has another epic season? Whether you are a diehard football fan or a casual fan, whether you are a fan of some other team or a Patriots fan, therefore the 2017 NFL Season will be so fun to watch. How will Tom’s story end? I know Hall of Fame.

D. Craig


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