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Tom Brady and His Greatness

Updated on January 23, 2018

Every Fan is Thinking the Same Thing, When Will It End?



If you're not a Patriots fan, more or less you share the jealous of every other team's fans. The jealousy of success. And you can't get far into the topic without bringing up arguably the most clutch performer and GOAT, Tom Brady. He's shown everyone it doesn't matter who believes in you or where you are taken in the draft. If you have the "it" factor, nobody can stop you.

5 rings. My God. I watch ESPN and FS1 and see them show how many times he has been in the conference final, or how many TD's he has in the playoffs alone, and how he has consistently been here his whole career. I mean honestly what 40 year old can do this? I'll wait. Should we get on the TB12 method? Because if that's the reasoning for his performance at his age, IM ALL IN.

After watching the game vs the Jags, where he decided to tear through one of the top defenses in the second half without Gronk and a run game. I don't care what a score is. Hell, it can be 40-0 at half. I will never hit the Give Up button on this man. And I hate it, because I am a Cowboys fan. For Christ sake, I have lived a mediocre fan life since I was born the last year they won it. Im not the only one, 31 team's fans feel the same way. Even great franchises that are always successful like the Packers, their fans are wondering why they cannot reciprocate what the Patriots are doing. THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING THEY KNOW THAT WE DON'T.

It leaves us asking.....When will it end?

Please....Retire Dude

As you guys will figure out when I start writing more content, I don't really care about my "style" of writing or that I curse when I write my content. Honestly, I take pride that I write it how I would say it to a friend at a bar. My page is for the average man who loves reading something he would hear or argue at a bar with his friends. Lastly, I tend to make jokes when I write. It might be a habit from being ugly, who knows.

That being said. Fucking retire Tom. We all know, you are the best. You have nothing else to prove. Now, go buy an island with your smoking hot wife and perfect little Tommy boys, and enjoy the rest of your life. You will forever be remembered as the man who came into the league with no expectations and left with everyone looking up to your excellence.

But, for the other 31 team's fan bases, leave and never come back. Thanks Tommy Boy.


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