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Tom Brady's Record Breaking 2011 Season; Passing Joe

Updated on September 28, 2012
Tom Brady passed Joe Montana in multiple categories during the 2011 season.
Tom Brady passed Joe Montana in multiple categories during the 2011 season.


Although Tom Brady did not tie his idol, Joe Montana for the most Super Bowl titles by any player, he did tie him or break many of his career and NFL all time marks during the 2011 season. Let's take a look at some of the marks he reached or broke on his record setting run.

Playoff Wins

With his victory over the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday January 23, 2011, Brady achieved his sixteenth playoff victory. This tied Joe Montana for the all time mark for playoff victories. Brady, who will be 35 next season, will surely break the mark before his career is finalized and add yet another all time record to his long list of accomplishments.

Touchdown Passes

Brady passed his idol in another category during the 2011 regular season, this time in career touchdowns. Brady began the season with 261, needing just 13 scores to pass his idol. Because of his hot start to the 2011 season, he passed Joe in his fourth game of the season against the Raiders, a game that was played in the San Francisco Bay Area, the place where Montana played the majority of his career.

Most touchdowns in a Single Playoff Game

Joe had been second on the all time list with five touchdowns in a single playoff game. He had done this in his Super Bowl appearance against the Denver Broncos in 1990. Brady surpassed his idol in this mark this season to become tied with Daryl Lamonica and Steve Young for the all time mark of six touchdowns in a playoff game, when he shredded the Denver Broncos defense during their divisional round match up during the 2012 match up. Interestingly, they both got their career marks against the same team.

Super Bowl Appearances

With his victory over the Ravens in the AFC title game, Brady brought home his 5th AFC title. With that victory, he passed his boyhood idol, Montana, who had a total of 4 appearances. He also tied the all time NFL mark for appearances with his victory with five Super Bowl berths by a quarterback.

Super Bowl Consecutive Completion Record

Brady was not done linking himself to his idol in Super Bowl XLVI. He surpassed his idol's all time NFL mark for most consecutive completed passes in a Super Bowl. Montana had set the mark with 13, during the 1990 season. Brady shattered it in 2011. Brady's new mark of 16 ended in the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVI. He extended the new record to 16 on a touchdown pass to tight end Aaron Hernandez in the third quarter of that game.


Despite the fact that he did not bring home the Lombardi Trophy for a fourth time, he still had a season that will be forever linked to the great career of Joe Montana. He still has time to tie Joe in the amount of titles, and break many other career marks of Montana. It was truly a season linked to his idol, Joe, except in one respect.

Which mark was more impressive this season?

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    • profile image

      Nwyman17 6 years ago

      Brady is an amazing player PERIOD.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 6 years ago from America

      Really? you brag on Brady when he is a loser to the Giants? typical societ of today! Lets boost the losers and find reason to hate the winners........or as the OWstreeters call them , wealthy!