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Tomas Berdych Tennis Champion

Updated on July 14, 2011

Tennis - A Changing of the Guard?

Sponsors Nike must be really pleased that Tomas Berdych is signed with them as the 12th seed rocketed up the tennis rankings throughout the Wimbledon tennis tournament of 2010.

Has the Wimbledon tennis championship of 2010 seen the changing of the guard?

Will Tomas Berdych win a Grand Slam tournament this year? Only time will tell but this young talent is certainly showing the skills and determination of a winner. At 24, the Czech still has the luxury of time on his side.

Tomas Berdych caused a major upset by beating top seed Federer and in the process sent a message to the tennis world that a potential new star was on the horizon.

Wimbledon 2010

He then beat the 3rd seed Novak Djokovic and was ready to take on his first grand slam final against Rafael Nadal. This time it was not to be Berdych’s day as Rafer played an extremely skillful game beating him in three sets

In each of these matches Tomas Berdych covered much court acreage and his confidence seemed to grow. In the process he put his stamp on this, the most prestigious tournament on the grand slam circuit. Although he prefers hard court surfaces, Tomas Berdych handled the grass of the Wimbledon tournament with the comfort of a seasoned professional.

Can He Still Win a Grand Slam?

Tomas Berdych earnings to July 2010 were $6,700,000.                      .

At 6ft 5in, Berdych has a commanding presence on the court and when the right handed player came forward to the net it appeared to force his opponents into errors.

Sales for his chosen Dunlop Aerogel  4D 200 tennis racket and Nike shirts, shorts and shoes are sure to get a boost from his success.

Berdych started playing tennis at age 5, turned professional in 2002 and the last tournament he won, prior to becoming a 2010 Wimbledon tennis finalist, was the BMW Open in Munich in 2009.

It seems certain that Tomas Berdych has the makings of a tennis star and he just could have the right strokes to force a changing of the guard.  Of course, he must still win in grand slam tournaments, but from the display at Wimbledon 2010, he has the goods.

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